Hello world! I've been a software developer for nearly a decade and I'm a huge proponent of FOSS.

My primary workstation OS is @elementary and I look forward to the day I can convert my gaming PC as well. Looking at you .

Mastodon first impressions: I need to find some relevant follows. My subreddits took years to curate and I fear this may take nearly as long.

@klutchell Be Welcome here - the local timeline here of fosstodon has lots of toots from some really knowledgeable and interesting folks. You'll be up and running in no time.

@klutchell @elementary Welcome to the fediverse! Enjoy the ride, this place is awesome.

Hi @klutchell @elementary
Take a look at the trunk, it's not perfect but an interesting start to find people with certain interests on mastodon:

Also, try asking around in communities (like subreddits) you already like for people that also have mastodon accounts. The recently did that, found some nice connections there:

@klutchell Hi fellow :elementary: guy. Welcome in this interesting place. Hope you enjoy it! See you! :)

@klutchell Welcome! So far I’ve found it pretty easy to find good people. The combo of focused instances + federation means cross-pollination that creates new discoveries once you have a critical mass of a few follow.

@klutchell I, too, am a cloak-wearer. Loving the new bottom tree Gunslinger.

@jccpalmer right?! I went on a knife streak yesterday and it was glorious! Making Shaxx proud.

@frankbaier @elementary I've heard that's an easy way to get banned by Bungie. I'm afraid to risk it until they change their policy.

@klutchell @elementary Hello Kyle, I read it at reddit often, about Destiny 2 or Bungie. But Lutris is a good application to tranfer your Windows games onto elementary OS.

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