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RT @MangoldWolfgang
Erste Bilder die deutlich machen, dass Radfahrer nicht überholt werden können. #stayBehind oder #BleibDahinter.

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Uuhhh,... nextcloud 21 is available. Too bad I'm not in homeoffice today. 😎

Best weather! It's spring finally. Drinking beer on the balcony is on again.

Okay I bought an awesome keyboard (Keychron K1),.... but I forgot,... that in the rest of the world not everybody is using an iso layout... 😎

I'm looking for nice python open source projects to contribute. I checked out numpy, matplotlib,... There are very nice. But biiig. Maybe does have a hint for me?

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The Japanese have a word for something I thought had no official name: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsundoku

*stares at the C programming book he got for Christmas*: Maybe... maybe tomorrow....

To the python experts out there.
What should I use?
Venv or conda? It seems that conda is just a huge block of precompiled packages,... that I dont need?!

Having my first live stream concert right now. Avatar! But I'm not that sure if it's really live or not. But anyway it's cool!

Hi fediverse, I try to set up a matrix synapse server right now and have a question regarding reverse proxy or apache virtual hosts in general. I'm really not an expert in this,...
I plan to have to two virtual host (namebased). Both are running right now. But now I realized, that at the same time the first one is default for all requests. I would like to block all requests that are not matching any of my virtual hosts excatly. I dont know how to call this. Any hint?

Woah super mario bros. U reminds me of the old times with game boy color.

Any ideas for good keyboards? I don't like numblocks.

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