Hello good folks of the interweb.

I want my server to send me system emails(logs, alerts, ...) encrypted with gpg.

What would be the best way to do that ? Gnu Anubis ?

Just discovered this channel on peertube, great content.
(Privacy, security, FOSS) peertube.sunknudsen.com


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Any services you'd recommend for #VPS rental? I'm at my wit's end with VPS.net. every time my VPS goes through maintenance and is rebooted, my network interfaces fail and need to be reconfigured. My website and @nextcloud instance has been down for days now. I love the idea of solely using #Njallah, but they're expensive just for unsensitive use cases etc.

Well, just installed :fdroid: F-Droid, the installer told me that "it require no special permission". Now that's what I like to read !

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Hello All, looking to cut ties with FaceBook and the other social networks ... but would still like to have a spot to keep up with friends. None of the folks I know use Mas or Fasstodon.

Suggestions on getting friends to migrate too?

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* Linux Laptop Wiki [Rebooted] *

The aim of the website is to provide a central wiki to post experiences with Linux on the model of laptop / notebook you're using.

Linlap.info is an attempt to 'reboot' the abandoned and spammed linlap dot com which is now unusable.

Please consider participating on building a new "HQ" sending in your model / experiences!

Any help appreciated!

==> linlap.info/

#Linlap #Linux #laptops #compatibility #info #wiki #PC #hardware

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Top 3 favourite GNU/Linux distros go!

Boosts highly encouraged! There's a twist with this one ;)

PS: The twist has nothing to do with Linux or open source

Hello, I have a degree in computer science and I'm about to start my engineering studies on information security. I've been using :debian: as my main OS for some time now and slowly replacing everything with an opensource / free / privacy-focused alternative. That's also where I'd like to take my work.


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