Linux Fu: It’s A Trap!

It is easy to think that a Linux shell like Bash is just a way to enter commands at a terminal. But, in fact, it is also a powerful programming language as we’ve seen from projects ranging fr…

This Linux computer plus router is the size of a ring box

If there’s one thing that stayed consistent through the last decade or so of tech industry turmoil, it’s the love affair between techies and Linux. There’s just a ton you can do w…

I need to start keeping track of the tail numbers of the planes I've flown in because I'm really curious how many times I've flown in the same plane.

After a long and arduous search, I've uncovered one of the many mysteries of my childhood:

BEHOLD THE TOILET SNORKEL is still a wreck. It won't even load now, while this site runs smooth.

"Yesterday, hundreds of employees of the Carnegie Library system in Pittsburgh voted to unionize with the United Steelworkers. HOW YOU LIKE THAT, ANDREW CARNEGIE, YOU OLD DEAD GHOST?

Andrew Carnegie, fabulously wealthy steel magnate of the 19th century and living symbol of the grotesque inequalities of the Gilded Age, hated unions."

Why don't moms descend on congress to demand illegal immigration control ?
ONLY 60000 citizens killed by illegals since the year 2000 !!!

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And this was before the shootings this afternoon.

Never hear a peep about these killings, do we?


It's actually that Democrats WANT PEOPLE KILLED.

That's how they get closer to banning all guns.

The plan has already failed.

A pipe gives a wise man time to think and a fool something to stick in his

He blocked me, of course he doesn't have an account on #Gab. But he likes to spread fake news. People like him don't know what #factchecking is.

Also, even if Gab was full of "extreme right" people not blocking it doesn't imply "embrancing the extreme right". This is what ideologies do, they make people crazy, paranoid and irrational.

So if I don't block for example YouTube links on my instance I embranced surveillance capitalism?

Woo-hoo again!!

Apparently my letter to Donald Trump about my WWII veteran relative and his VA benefits is still working - I just got a voicemail from the local VA facility saying they were called by the WHITE HOUSE to do something! Incredible.


I like that you're lonely
Lonely like me
I can be lonely with you

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