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@maxi @kubikpixel you are spot on on many aspects there!

- yes, one needs advanced tech skills and this is not ideal
- the website is too vague on defining certain concepts
- we need apps/gui and an android app should work with openkeychain

I am currently working on a big overhaul of the website and the information it displays. Within months, I hope to release an android app that does most of the basic functions.

I'll post updates as soon as something is ready :)

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Yes, they patched it, but I still don't like #Keybase, also because it was (partially) bought by #Zoom. I use the decentralized solution @keyoxide for this and yes it is more complex but you only do this once and then you have it. Apart from that there should now be a #shell #script for it.

#privacy #security #itsecurity #itsec #verify

@ben yes, I'm sure we can manage to do that! Depends on whether Pleroma exposes that data in their API. Will look into this ASAP

@eric you are right, but that was not the point of the post. OP laments that all other keybase alternatives are based on blockchains, not keybase. And this is sadly true. I've looked into many alternatives and spoken with a bunch of them. All blockchain based.

The choice seems either centralization or blockchain.

And then, there is this small 1-person project named @keyoxide that does provide decentralization without blockchain 😅


@tchambers @eric "keybase like but not based on blockchain" is the whole raison d'être of . If there's anything I can help with, ask away!

@Gunnard great to hear! Yeah, I should make a "planning" page with all the stuff that is still to do. Currently, there mostly needs to be worked on prototypes of mobile apps and a library in rust. Maybe one in php as well :)

@Matter the project is funded by NLnet but I didn't put a badge in the readme. Which is a great idea and you'll find it there tomorrow 😉

@kev looking good. I also like that you redirect a subdomain to that profile page, clever trick!

just released its 0.0.5 update! It now recognizes Keyoxide as a social handle 🎉

To celebrate, 2.4.1 can now verify your ownership of an Owncast instance 😎

Example (@yarmo):

Here's the guide to add this to your own profile!

Let's get streaming while supporting decentralized networks!

First release of 2021 🎉

Version 2.4.0 introduces 'signature profiles' allowing one to keep identity claims in signed documents instead of notations in keys. Easier and safer in certain aspects!

Here are the full details:

@imattau anyone could create a key and verify their own pixelfed. Even "worse", this would favor technically inclined people. I don't think "verified with Keyoxide" would be a great criteria.

I'll go even further: I like the fediverse because it doesn't try to be what the proprietary social networks are. All users are equal. Adding account verification would bring back having "classes" of users. My 2 cents.


@gabek will do so tomorrow, looking forward to the discussion. But as I hinted at, we could have some identity integrated on owncast in a couple of hours and you wouldn't need to do anything on your end 😉

Hey devs! Awesome project, love it! Given that it's decentralized, a nice candidate for being part of the decentralized identity ecosystem 😉

I could implement it right now with the requirement of putting the fingerprint in the "summary". Another (nicer 😊) way would be to support keyoxide as a "social handle". Keyoxide could then verify that that link is present, proving the identity claim!

New project released: the cli is now available through 🎉

Details at

Verifying identities is now as simple as running 'keyoxide verify' in the terminal.

@libravatar @syntax hey both! Glad to hear there is ongoing work regarding the speed, which was the main factor why I decided to wait with libravatar (which my prototype used).

I will include an option for people to set their avatar source to libravatar. I'll more than gladly drop gravatar but will do so when libravatar becomes more reliable as a service. Looking forward to that day!

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