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@jesse_m I don't believe there is a way to add notations to keys using any android app. Guess we'll need to develop mobile apps soon! (Those were already planned πŸ˜‰)


@hs0ucy great to hear!

Here's the guide to remove notations:

In short, add the notation again with a minus sign in front!

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thanks to @kubikpixel (who pointed me towards it) and after a day of fiddling around, i managed to get myself a neat #identity #verification page at @keyoxide 😎

@greypilgrim if you can look past the scraping of emails and unsolicited mass email advertising (😬), I suppose it's not a bad replacement. Their source licensing is also a big no-no for me but that is subjective.

But if you are looking for chat and/or wallet features, keyoxide is definitely not the replacement you are look for!

Blog post time πŸŽ‰

Keyoxide Project Update #1

Been a bit busy lately: creating a non-profit foundation, getting a grant and releasing a library! 😎

Oh, and there's a Keyoxide Matrix room now! 🀩

Big announcement time πŸŽ‰

This project started as a "labor of love" side project but the awesome community response clearly showed me it deserved even more attention and care.

I'm excited to announce that NLnet / @NGIZero will be funding the project, allowing me to dedicate my full time to it and contribute in my own way to our collective struggle for online identity and security.

I thank all of you for your motivating feedback. Now, we can really begin 😎 is that something you would like to see? No, I wasn't planning on that πŸ˜…

That sounds hard to implement πŸ€” in a fully decentralized way, i.e. universal usernames. We could go instance-specific usernames… interesting idea

@shom @yarmo looking good, will test today! Yes, we are going to need tools now to make using these proofs easier. Great to see the first of its kind \o/

Just a little update: I'm back from a much needed break so development is resuming soon. Though I haven't touched the code in three weeks, I haven't been idle either and I'll hopefully have some good news soon πŸ˜‰

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I saw some discussions around @keyoxide and a comment about how is more novice friendly caught my eye. So I decided to checkout @yarmo 's excellent documentation and create an interactive (hopefully) novice-friendly script.

Here's Keyoxidizer:

This is work in progress and the notation is a shameful hack, so I'd love to help to sort it out. It only supports Mastodon now but I plan to incrementally add other platforms (that I have accounts on). PRs welcome!

@pence that's strange, I'm seeing it on my end, so the verification succeeded! Could it be a cache issue on your end?

@kubikpixel @yarmo thanks for the kind words, that means a lot! I've taken a few days off working on Keyoxide but I'll be back working on it next week! Let's bring it to a whole new level πŸ˜‰ I understand… Sorry about the PHP-NodeJS switch, I did it because it will help me with future development of other parts of a "keyoxide ecosystem" πŸ™‚ but I still miss PHP sometimes πŸ˜‰

guess we need a new PHP client! thank you 😊 it is my privilege to have people invest their valuable time in my project!

This is peculiar: I did recently switch to a different QR library that is npm-able… Have you tried running "npm install" again? that's a great trick, I will update the guide with this. Thank you!

@neb @airgoa indeed, just "encrypt the message", no account or info needed, but you'll have to send it to the person yourself, using email or chat.

@ghil going good so far? Any services you would like to see implemented? it is indeed being generated on the fly, so an iframe should do the trick!

Keyoxide doesn't send emails though. So the idea is people can read the email address from the profile page and use it with their email client? Yes, that should work

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