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@wizzwizz4 @b0undarybreaker thanks for the mention 🤗 and yeah, working on a replacement for the identity part of keybase!

@sheogorath @nathand @wiktor what Sheo says!

Keyoxide use the the concept of "proof" as defined by "" (so "") and will discard "" because that could potentially have a completely different meaning and implementation.

@nathand This part is quite significant!

"proof" tells Keyoxide that this notation is going to be a proof!

Unfortunately, "proof" is not a notation type defined in the spec and must therefore, as per spec, be complemented by a domain name.

In this case, the creator of these pgp-based decentralized proofs @wiktor used his domain as he should have. This means now that, as long as "proof" notation aren't incorporated into the official spec, we keep the original domain for all proofs.

@Natouille j'aimerais beaucoup discuter sur UX pour l'améliorer. Il faut que j'avoue que vu que le tech est encore nouveau, mon but n'est pas encore d'attirer le grand public. Mais tot ou tard, il faudra améliorer l'UX ;)

@Natouille @Matthieu la documentation est à améliorer, je suis d'accord 😬 je bosse dessus

Tu ne peux pas créer de compte, c'est un service "décentralisé", donc j'utilise des données qui ne sont pas sauvegardées sur mon serveur, bon pour la privacy!

Il faut créer une clé PGP et la divulger via des serveurs dediés ou WKD.

C'est encore très nouveau et pas facile à utiliser :/ avec le temps, ceci va s'améliorer

Great feeling to start the monday with a release 🎉 2.2.0!

If you know SEMVER, you know it's going to be more than just fixes 😋

now verifies proofs for and !! It also supports the Onion-Location header if you have a keyoxide instance hosted on the

Thanks so much to @supernova and @dusansimic for their contributions!


- keybase has proprietary servers that hold the private keys of their users (private keys should never be uploaded)
- zoom is a video conference platform that is easy to hack (zoombombing) and has admitted shutting down a conference at the request of the Chinese government
- zoom acquires keybase

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I have started using #keyoxide in conjunction with my Yubikey! I have also provided an "how to add notations" PR to DrDuh's Yubikey Guide:

My profile is: @keyoxide

@erAck This is strange, direct URLs are definitely supported. What is your WKD id?

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@beli3ver I'm working on a way to display avatars stored inside the key, that would be the ultimate decentralized solution IMO.

@beli3ver completely agree, in fact, libravatar is what I used when I started the project. The main reason I switched was long loading times for the avatars.

But the fact gravatar is used instead of libravatar still doesn't feel right. I'll do a few more tests with libravatar, if it's more stable now, I'll switch.

Thanks for the suggestion, couldn't agree more!

@Avalon awesome, glad to see more and more identity proofs out there!

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Playing around with #Keyoxide, managed to list my mastodon account on my page. Which is pretty cool. that specific guide was even a contribution from someone else :) glad it helped you! I'll be making more gpg creation and maintenance guides soon as it can be quite daunting… And yes, notations are not really a commonly used feature

@rek2 no, we sadly don't and we're still very much considering which services to add, erring on the side of "as few as possible". There are secure chats out there, integrate those rather than build something new.

Though cloud hosting is common, kbfs is rather unique in terms of encryption, true.

Keyoxide should be viewed as a partial replacement focusing completely on identity verification. But who knows what we might add in the future!

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I’ve recently found out about @keyoxide from a couple of posts around the Fediverse and I’m now a happy user. I was looking for something like this since Keybase was acquired.

@Matter not sure about the measures yet. Making selfhosting as simple as possible is obviously key, hope today made some impact.

Agreed that keyoxide as a whole should work as a network. For now, no federation between instances whatsoever. But I'm going to explore certain directions in the near future.

Always open to suggestions and criticism! :)

@mdkcore federation between keyoxide instances is a goal. So for now, no, every instance is an island doing the same thing.

But the identities (the keys holding the proofs) are already decentralized! The keyoxide server doesn't hold the keys, it looks on and Web Key Directory for keys.

Or am I perhaps missing your point?

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