Since about two weeks, we've been trying out a Keyoxide Community Forum using the project.

You can find it here:

This was started after the feedback of many non-developer people who had questions/requests but weren't familiar enough with git forges to raise issues there.

And so far, discussions on it have been interesting and productive 🤩

If you'd like to propose a new service for , we hope you'll find the forum an inviting place to do so 🚀

@dvshkn this project was already started before the Zoom takeover, it only made even more sense after!

While it's not federated, Keyoxide has the same standard of decentralizing everything.

Here's a demonstration profile. None of the data you see is stored on the Keyoxide server! It's all stored inside people's cryptographic keys.

@epilys @yarmo an endpoint that returns the public keys sounds great!

Have you considered what would happen of someone uploads multiple keys? (If you even want to allow that) Could the values maybe be a list of keys?

Since JSON is plaintext, do you think keys should always be armored?

Having not read the entire spec yet, what about namespaces? I'd rather not namespace something so generic, but what other services use armoredPublicKey in a different manner?

@epilys good idea for the generalization.

I just made an account and the metadata section is great for this purpose.

But I do not see that data in the webfinger returns. Hope you find a way to make that data available in a spec-compliant manner!

Do let me know if I can help in any way.


@epilys that would be great! ARC-0005 is basically just "public API endpoints" and your webfinger implementation is perfect for this decentralized identity verification!

Shouldn't be too difficult to support!

Opened a thread on


If you have a platform or website you'd like to be able to verify your account(s) on, you are invited to suggest it on the Community Forum:

This way, we can start discussing and get it working as soon as possible 😎

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I just made my first , and !
It was just some simple corrections to the documentation, but feels good enough to toot about it! ;)

@aspie4K hence the need for good documentation…

No, currently the doip proxy is separate. Thus, keyoxide requires two docker containers (or processes if you don't use containers).

@aspie4K great to see selfhosters installing the project :)

Something that is not properly documented yet (sorry) is that to get all the green ticks, one needs to install/use a doip-proxy server. I'm assuming you don't have this yet?

Improving documentation is high on the to do list! Soon…

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I signed up for @keyoxide today! 🎉
Keyoxide is similar to keybase, but is AGPL-3.0-or-later licensed.

My Keyoxide page is linked on my profile if anyone's interested. I also linked this Mastodon account to the key.

Looks like a good option for people who frequently deal with secure online communications.

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Really interesting webinar from @NGI Zero open source funding today on OpenPGP, with the people from @Sequoia PGP, @Keyoxide, @disroot and others. Great to see so many of the cool people from my stream present interesting and forward leaning projects in this space! This was very inspiring!

The only problem is: When will I get time to play with all the stuff presented?

#openpgp #sequoia-pgp #keyoxide #security #encryption #email #identity #privacy
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Last reminder: at 10 CET we start our #OpenPGP webinar where a number of awesome projects working to advance encryption share their work and discuss the future of (Open)PGP. No signup needed, join the talk!

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Don't forget! Tomorrow at 10 CET we start our #OpenPGP event with many wonderful presentations from the devs of Sequoia (including @nwalfield), @keyoxide, talks about GPG-based #email encryption for emails at rest, plug&play encryption for customer relationship management & more! No signup needed, just join the (BigBlueButton)room at 10 -> 🔐 👋 🆓

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Another little #AndroidAppRain at @fdroidorg with 35 updates and 3 new apps today:

* Keyoxide: decentralized cryptographic identities on the go
* AutoDND: toggle DND automatically when using specified apps
* AmSprung: Abfahrtszeiten der Wiener Linien Öffis

Enjoy your #foss #android #apps with #fdroid :awesome:

Thanks for the mention, @IzzyOnDroid 😎

@xorowl > have you ever used the website before? If not, start there. Here's an example profile:

The app works in a very similar way as the website.

We also have that helps you get started with your own decentralized identity!

@vanitasvitae none yet, right now the library just verifies the claim which requires nothing more than a URI, a fingerprint and a HTTP request.

Next step: fetch OpenPGP keys and extract the notations for which indeed I will most likely be using Sequoia-PGP.

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