Big news for the project!

has been awarded a second grant by the great people at and @NGIZero to further develop the project and make it accessible to a broader non-tech savvy audience!

This blog post should give you some details, and I will be sharing more about ideas and progress soon.

Right now, I can already share the much improved! Also note we can now verify telegram and stackexchange accounts 🚀

@keyoxide nlnet folks seem to be very invested in open source software, big up to them, and keyoxide!

@pankraz no, from a very first glance @keyoxide seems to need the profile data in a different form then Friendica is providing it. I'll put the investigation on my ToDo list.

@tobias if the profile data is returned in some API call, it's relatively simple to get it working!

There was a post on the forum regarding friendica [1] but it appears I got stuck when I needed a test account. Surely we can make it work this time!



@keyoxide there is the "/api/v1/accounts/:id" endpoint of the Mastodon compatible API that returns JSON. The resulting data contain the free from fields from the users profile, which I think is where the Keyoxide proof would be posted then.

I can put a proof in there later and add it to my key for testing,
@keyoxide the profile pages of Friendica accounts have the URL https://DOMAIN/profile/USERNAME so following the Pleroma guide

claim: https://DOMAIN/profile/USERNAME

proof: proof=https://DOMAIN/profile/USERNAME

OpenPGP profile:

Does this look reasonabe for you? Then I'll add such a claim+proof to my OpenPGP profile following the instructions for Pleroma otherwise.

@keyoxide @NGIZero It's exciting to see Keyoxide continuing to develop. Sandstorm still has a dependency on Keybase that would be... nice to transition from...

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