Another little #AndroidAppRain at @fdroidorg with 35 updates and 3 new apps today:

* Keyoxide: decentralized cryptographic identities on the go
* AutoDND: toggle DND automatically when using specified apps
* AmSprung: Abfahrtszeiten der Wiener Linien Öffis

Enjoy your #foss #android #apps with #fdroid :awesome:

@xorowl I just announced the availability of the app. Maybe ask @keyoxide how to use Keyoxide? :awesome:


Thanks for the mention, @IzzyOnDroid 😎

@xorowl > have you ever used the website before? If not, start there. Here's an example profile:

The app works in a very similar way as the website.

We also have that helps you get started with your own decentralized identity!

@keyoxide @xorowl @IzzyOnDroid It seems #keyoxide is doing what #keybase originally set out to do, before Keybase decided to go in the greed-driven direction of a junky LinkedIn of sorts. The /only/ thing I found unique & useful about keybase was the ability for simple users to pubkey encrypt a msg to me w/out knowing about keys. And I’m quite thrilled Keyoxide seems to fill that niche so I can ditch keybase.

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