📣 Last announcement for a while, and one I'm personally quite excited about: there's a Rust library in development to work with the decentralized identity verification ecosystem! 🎉

Not used in a project just yet but will be when it matures!

Blog post:

You could be of tremendous help by looking at the (still small) source code and pointing out bugs and bad code! PRs are welcome :)

@keyoxide sounds like something @sequoiapgp would be interested to hear about (although I suspect you guys already talk)

@keyoxide so if I und erstand it correctly, the library will not verify the claims locally, but instead rely on a keyoxide instance?

@vanitasvitae that is correct. As soon as possible, I'll start rewriting the claim verification logic in dart so it can be done locally.

It can be implemented in a progressive way: claims that can't be done locally at that point in time can be delegated to a proxy. Goal is of course 100% local.

@vanitasvitae wait, brain fart. I was talking about keyoxide-flutter in my response to you, not doip-rs.

No, doip-rs does the claim verification locally. No proxies involved.

@vanitasvitae none yet, right now the library just verifies the claim which requires nothing more than a URI, a fingerprint and a HTTP request.

Next step: fetch OpenPGP keys and extract the notations for which indeed I will most likely be using Sequoia-PGP.

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