📣 The first of the bigger announcements 🎉

We're launching ariadne.id, an experimental living document that contains all the knowledge that powers !

This should make it easier to make independent libraries, implementations, apps and websites 😎

Aaaand: *proof@ariadne.id=* 🤩

Let's claim back sovereignty over our online identity!

Blog post: blog.keyoxide.org/ariadne-spec


📣 The second—and last—announcement for today is a little smaller but not unimportant:

The Keyoxide docs are now on their own subdomain: docs.keyoxide.org

Now that it is maintained separately, it will be easier to add more general purpose content! Can't wait to write more articles on OpenPGP key management, arguably still the trickiest part of these decentralized identities!

Blog post: blog.keyoxide.org/keyoxide-doc

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