📣 The first of the bigger announcements 🎉

We're launching, an experimental living document that contains all the knowledge that powers !

This should make it easier to make independent libraries, implementations, apps and websites 😎

Aaaand: ** 🤩

Let's claim back sovereignty over our online identity!

Blog post:

It's still a little rough around the edges but this is a marathon, not venture capitali—I mean, a sprint.

📣 The second—and last—announcement for today is a little smaller but not unimportant:

The Keyoxide docs are now on their own subdomain:

Now that it is maintained separately, it will be easier to add more general purpose content! Can't wait to write more articles on OpenPGP key management, arguably still the trickiest part of these decentralized identities!

Blog post:

@lxzio with pleasure!

There's a lot of research that has gone into making Keyoxide, a lot of knowledge gathered. This gives KX an advantage over other projects that want to do similar things. They would have to use KX code or study KX code to write their own.

We don't want advantages, we want level playing fields.

So, will contain all the knowledge needed for new projects to get started.

Also important: it's not "our" document. It's governed by a community process.



Anyone can participate in writing the document, making it easier to add new service providers (instead of everyone having to wait till I get around to do it 😋 an improvement for all involved!)

Everyone can also join the so-called "Core Team" which maintains the document.

Of course, during the beginning, it will be mostly KX's document. But it was designed to expand and diversify, not only in content but also in governance.

Hope this makes it somewhat clearer!


@keyoxide Thank you for the explanation. I now have a better idea

@nwalfield in itself, it changes nothing. Which is why the "old" notation is still supported.

But one of the most common points of feedback during the last 12 months was: "what is this seemingly unrelated .biz domain doing so dominantly in this project?"

Even had a couple of people who wouldn't try out the project because of that namespace.

This change will be a welcome sight for those people.

@keyoxide It increases complexity to placate people who wouldn't even see that implementation detail if the tooling were better. This is an unfortunate development.

@nwalfield having a meaningful namespace is not per se unfortunate, both for existing and future curious people. They do look at what's behind the domain name, thus they will see.

And even when tooling abstracts away the namespace experience, there are future benefits to making use of a dedicated/meaningful namespace.

Now, will it be worth the cost of added complexity? I weighed my options and I do believe it will be.

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