I've finally got round to setting up my @keyoxide profile. I really like the service so far, but was wondering if there was any plan to implement @libravatar (or other #FOSS alternative) in place of #Gravatar. Thoughts?

@syntax Yet another service, I'm not aware of. :-)
@keyoxide - feel free to replace Gravatar with Libravatar. If you do not want to go the full route and implement the federated API, it's a drop in replacement.
Yes, currently a bit slower than Gravatar, but we're working on that. It's mostly a hardware resource issue ATM.


@libravatar @syntax hey both! Glad to hear there is ongoing work regarding the speed, which was the main factor why I decided to wait with libravatar (which my prototype used).

I will include an option for people to set their avatar source to libravatar. I'll more than gladly drop gravatar but will do so when libravatar becomes more reliable as a service. Looking forward to that day!

@keyoxide @syntax I'd say it is stable, just a bit too slow. Anyway, I'll let you know once we've moved the service to the new machine and you can give it a try again!

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