Just a little update: I'm back from a much needed break so development is resuming soon. Though I haven't touched the code in three weeks, I haven't been idle either and I'll hopefully have some good news soon 😉

@arh is that something you would like to see? No, I wasn't planning on that 😅

That sounds hard to implement 🤔 in a fully decentralized way, i.e. universal usernames. We could go instance-specific usernames… interesting idea

@keyoxide or decentralized way. Matrix does like this [at]username:instance.tld.

I think what you propose is already implemented. Check out the following:

This link fetches the key from my own domain (instance.tld from your example).

No need to use fingerprints if one wants to have a federated lookup! :)

So what is your point? Orgs that have WKD setup work well:

Your e-mail doesn’t work because they don’t have Web Key Directory setup on their domain. Would you expect Matrix ID to work if they don’t have a Matrix server on that domain?

That's my point. This should work on the instance not my server or domain. Like matrix.

Well, nothing stops anyone from doing it "on instance level": just checkout my profile on "my instance": it has short user name. Is that what you wanted?

Anyone can setup their “own instance” and claim any name they want, the same as with Matrix 🤷‍♂️

I don't think you even know what's the discussion and what I'm talking about. Do you even read my messages?
What I'm saying is that there should be an option to create an account or reserve a username and give it your public key and proofs. Same as Keybase but decentralized. For example, One can have account on and one can have an account on and when I search for Yarmo in, I should be able to see him

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