... And the fun isn't over! Release 2.0.0 also introduces containers 🎉

docker run keyoxide/keyoxide

This one is for the promise of and building a decentralized network of identity verification!

For more info:

@keyoxide why do you need a Twitter API key? Scraping the page would seem the obvious way to go, I mean it's what Nitter does, and you already get the URL to the status, so I would think you can use a similar scraping technique, no?

@Matter this was also recently suggested by others. The idea initially was to get all proofs as similarly as possible, meaning parsing JSON data. An exception would have to be made for twitter to parse HTML content instead.

But since twitter is already an exception with api access… This might get implemented in a version soon.

I heard Nitter was using leaked API credentials, not sure if true though

@keyoxide Oh right, I confused it with how youtube-dl and newpipe work.

Another question, what measures do you think might promote a decentralized usage of Keyoxide? I think we should avoid people going to as much as possible, but it's not evident to me how to go about this.

@Matter not sure about the measures yet. Making selfhosting as simple as possible is obviously key, hope today made some impact.

Agreed that keyoxide as a whole should work as a network. For now, no federation between instances whatsoever. But I'm going to explore certain directions in the near future.

Always open to suggestions and criticism! :)

@keyoxide @Matter I have a self hosted #keyoxide fork setup and running. The v1 code I also got running under Tor, so if you go to with Tor Browser you will be redirected to the onion site. It required some alteration of the keybase code. I am currently working on moving to the keyoxide v2 code and have this running at but still working on Tor.

can keyoxide federate with an installation on my own server? I.e., can it find my identity verifications on my server running keyoxide if someone search for me on other "instances"?

@mdkcore federation between keyoxide instances is a goal. So for now, no, every instance is an island doing the same thing.

But the identities (the keys holding the proofs) are already decentralized! The keyoxide server doesn't hold the keys, it looks on and Web Key Directory for keys.

Or am I perhaps missing your point?

understood! federation between keyoxide instances was my question ;)

many thanks!

@keyoxide can’t wait to give this a try. I failed to set it up following a clone from your git repo, so I’m looking forward to this.

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