2.0.0 is here and I couldn't be more excited about this one: the entire backend has been rewritten in 🎉 this will make it much easier to develop new features and tools all using a unified backend

@gcrkrause PHP backend! It used to by my go-to server language and I hadn't spent enough time with NodeJS yet to fully commit to it when I started Keyoxide. With additional tools and libraries in mind, porting to NodeJS early on will allow faster development in the future.

@keyoxide I kind of critical regarding nodejs, also php runs on every shared webhoster. so I am not sure if thats a good development, but who am i to bring critic? ;)

@gcrkrause I am a big fan of PHP. Really am! It's most likely my inexperience with big PHP projects but I didn't like the way I had set it up and just didn't want to imagine what it would turn into if left to grown.

NodeJS gives me nicer dependencies for the use-case.

Another determining factor is that I am also developing other related tools with NodeJS. Sharing the same code between them is going to be a life saver.

@gcrkrause in the end, all I'm trying to promote is decentralized identity. Keyoxide is just an implementation. Perhaps we'll see better PHP implementations in the future 🤗

@keyoxide Jeah, thats a good point. Having a implementation without spending hours on it is a nice thing...

@keyoxide just to be clear: i am really thankful for keyoxide and your work. Great stuff!!

@gcrkrause haha no worries, your original message didn't make me think otherwise! Thank you for your enthusiasm 🤗

@keyoxide unsolicited suggestion: at least in the FAQ it would be good to answer what are the main real world scenarios in which you would use keyoxide?

@threed unsolicited but very welcome! Thanks, that's a great suggestion, it's now on the todo!

@yisraeldov node isn't microsoft, is it? 🤔 or does this reference npm?

@yisraeldov @keyoxide npm is primarily used for dependency management. The days its also used to launch tests, linter, and other build related tools. Node is a javascript runtine, and Javascript is interpreted, not compiled, so you can just point node to a javascript file.

That being said, most project use npm due to many dependencies and ensuring quality

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