If you wish to control your online identity and consider , please have a look at instead :)

- fully
- and focuse
- no vendor lock-in
- no takeover \o/

@keyoxide little typo there, focuse 😉

I have to look at this though, I'll have time for it soooooon ™️

@keyoxide would love to see Mastodon verification support, though I'm switching nevertheless

@michel_slm you can already verify Mastodon accounts!

But assuming you already know this, you perhaps mean mastodon should show a green tick on your profile page! This will happen in the near future, as it requires some big changes to the backend which I'm working on currently

do they have also a shared filesystem like kbfs? we are looking to move out of keybase but we cant find anything that does encrypted FS the same way

@rek2 no, we sadly don't and we're still very much considering which services to add, erring on the side of "as few as possible". There are secure chats out there, integrate those rather than build something new.

Though cloud hosting is common, kbfs is rather unique in terms of encryption, true.

Keyoxide should be viewed as a partial replacement focusing completely on identity verification. But who knows what we might add in the future!


- keybase has proprietary servers that hold the private keys of their users (private keys should never be uploaded)
- zoom is a video conference platform that is easy to hack (zoombombing) and has admitted shutting down a conference at the request of the Chinese government
- zoom acquires keybase

@keyoxide @airgoa
This looks very interesting!
Judging from the example account anyone can write a private message from web, true?

@neb @airgoa indeed, just "encrypt the message", no account or info needed, but you'll have to send it to the person yourself, using email or chat.

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