Keyoxide v1.0.0 released and is now using 3.0 🎉

No, no, not that kind of "1.0" release 😅 Simply a breaking change that triggers a MAJOR release: the change of a license


Thank you @t0k for your help!

@Keyoxide Good move! It's great to follow how fast this project is taking shape!

@harald thanks for the kind words! Big plans for the project and with the change of license, you know the project's future is open!

@sphyphes @t0k may or may not be:
- an overly complex anagram
- an attempt by 100 monkeys trying to write Hamlet
- the first word of a buttdialed text
- a chemical pun based on keybase

@keyoxide I’m a bit confused; doesn’t SemVer explicitly state that when you’re still at 0.x.y, you can basically do whatever you want? The usual practice for projects at 0.* seems to be to increase the MINOR number on breaking changes.

@scy Exactly. I think the point where you go to 1.0 should be when you're willing to have people depend, to some extent, on not having breaking changes however incomplete or buggy the project still is.


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