0.4 has just launched! Small update but a huge increase in benefit for :xmpp: users 🎉

You can now add fingerprints to your identity proofs and if the proof is verified, you'll get a QR code which automagically trusts your OMEMO keys upon scanning with the app!

Blog post with details and an example:

@keyoxide I use xmpp and omemo on multiple devices so I have multiple omemo keys. Is it possible to have multiple omemo keys in one proof or can I add a separate proof for every omemo key?

@technicallypossible you should put them in the same proof! The hardest challenge is to find the device-id for each device, not all clients make them obvious! Gajim requires the use of XML console and then carefully observing the logs.

In the proofs, multiple devices are separated by a ";" and I now realize this isn't mentioned in the guide…

@keyoxide thanks for the quick response. I'll go hunting for those device IDs and fingerprints 😄

@keyoxide another question: can I alter or remove existing notations from my key? Imagine I wanted to add another omemo key in the future for a device I don't yet own. Or I lose my phone and want to "revoke" my phone's omemo key.

@technicallypossible yes, very easy to do! You'll find a guide on the website on how to remove a proof. Then simply add the new modified version and voila!

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