Time is 13:37, so let's make this πŸŽ‰

This is the new dedicated account for the project, easy and for all in a fully and friendly package!

Developed by @yarmo
Read more about the project here:

Let's make distributed identity happen! 😎

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@keyoxide @yarmo
This is pretty cool. Thank you for doing this.

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@keyoxide Looks interesting.

Using a fragment in the URL would prevent the server from even seeing which keys are viewed. Like so:

@keyoxide @yarmo rereading your description, I understand the draw of this platform more, now. This is the part that sold me on usefulness:

" is the tool you send to others to interact with your public key more easily. Allow them to encrypt a message [to] you, to verify one of your signatures, to verify your online identities using decentralized proofs."

@keyoxide @yarmo Looks very cool! I remember that weird feeling when I had to upload my old private GPG key to Keybase. :ablobthinkingeyes:
This looks like a much better and more recommendable way to promote and get started with encryption and online identity management.

@contact @keyoxide @yarmo solves the identity proof.

You are still missing portability.

for a complete replacement, you also need a smartcard like a yubikey

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