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Proud dad moment - we’re talking about something, my wife and I can’t remember the name of it.

So my oldest son (6) says “Google it? Actually, no, Duck Duck Goose it!”

He’s a chip off the old block!

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Do you tinker with tools (your computer, self-hosting, side projects, blogging etc.)?

Do you do chores around the house every day?

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Made some updates to my blogroll if any of you are interested in the same kinda reading I am.

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Inspired by @kev's and @celia's recent posts, I ran Web Vitals on my site.

It's... um...

, episode 32.
(also from the "how to write posts really quickly" dept.)

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After being somewhat inspired by the latest blog post by @kev (, I wrote a very basic guide for setting up a cheap, performance-focused WordPress blog:

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Kids get in from school earlier, I’m still at my computer upstairs, so I shout down…

Me: hello boys!
Them: hi dad!
Me: oh, <old sons name>…
Him: what?
Me: stinks!
Him: your jokes are the worst… 🤨

Made me chuckle.

Bit late for , but screw it, I'm an admin here so I can bend the rules now and then. 🙂

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I’m love fish keeping. Like really REALLY love it.

How much? Like, knock part of my kitchen down to make space for a bigger tank kinda love.

More pics in next toot…

Just looked at @uglyduck website on a whim. It’s all wonderfully and looking gorgeous. Nice hob. 👍

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Kids are at nan and grandads. All DIY is done for the day, so time for a couple beers in the tub!

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