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Kev Quirk

Anyone know if it's possible to add a Card/Cal DAV address book and calendar to @nextcloud

I know I can serve them FROM NextCloud, but I don't think I can sync them TO NextCloud?

Flipped to Mastalab, let's see how this goes...

Argg does anyone else have issues with Tusky spitting out errors when posting etc?

@BNolet looks like there's an issue with your ssl buddy. Just thought you should know. 👍

Oh man, have doubled their prices. I may need to look for an alternative when I come to renew.

Social networks I now spend my time in:

Mastodon - 70%
Facebook - 20%
Twitter - 9%
Google+ - 1%

Mastodon is glorious once you start finding the right people.

Switched from to for my personal email. So far, I'm pretty happy with the service, and they support ActiveSync, so no messing around with CalDAV and CardDAV.

Not related to technology, or FOSS, but I thought it was worth a share on here anyway.

This is the story of my friend Nick, a 79 year old biker, who has cancer. After his bike broke down on a recent trip to Scotland, he was left to sleep rough with his bike, in a petrol station by the RAC.

A share would be very much appreciated. I'd love for the RAC to see this and do right by Nick.

Uhhhh migrating email to a new provide - oh joy! Zzzzzzzzz

Hmm many have billed as the next great thing in Linux - a true replacement for exe/msi that are just as simple to use. Personally, I'm not so sure. Still some faff required and the application isn't technically installed. Thoughts?

Yikes! I wonder if he was involved with Kronos? Maybe him saving the day with WannaCry wasn't a coincidence either? I don't think so, personally, but you never know...

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WTF, is it April and someone didn't tell me?? Apparently there are some developers want Flash to become Open Source.

So this is the new instance. Pretty sparse at the moment, but hopefully others will add to it.