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For those who use WordPress as your window into ActivityPub and IndieWeb fronts, how do you manage seeing the timeline? Do you use another bit of software?

I like the *idea* of having everything under my control on my own site, but the array of options and controls and getting supported setups is difficult and frustrating. With Known, it worked, but the whole thing is clunky and poorly supported.

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We added a “visit random site” button to the 512KB Club today. Not gonna lie, I’ve spent way too much time hitting that button!

Remember a few days ago when I posted about considering a migration to ?

Well, I tried it. I also tried (again). Yup, I remember why I moved back to now. 😂😂

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Son: Daddy, what was the name of the film we watched last night?

Me: Try and remember, what was it?

(It was The Smurfs)

Son: Hmmmmmm…..I remember! It was The Smuts!

Me: 😳

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@kev I say us the FOSS crowd should actually *learn* from these guys. There are obvious benefits for a vast majority of users in having a tightly knit system like Mac's is. Yes, there's a lot of fun in your usual Linux distro... if you are into that sort of thing... But if you want usability and great UX, I'm sorry, Apple is the reference. Glad you love it!

But I guess the FOSS world is way too proud and full of themselves to understand this.

I feel rough so decided to work from the couch today. I've been on video meetings for ~5 hours of my ~8hr day and my has been on battery power the entire time.

I still have 46% battery left. Screenshot attached for any non-believers. 🙃

This thing really is incredible.

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Hey folks, it’s that time, again, where we’ve saved up enough donations to support a few open source projects. As we’ve always mentioned; we’ll spread the love to open source projects when we’ve reached a surplus in funding. For this round, we’ve decided to make 2 donations, in the amount of $300 each.

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I'm in somewhat of a quandry at the moment. I'm thinking about migrating from to for my personal site.

Couple of advantages to that - zero cost for hosting etc. and I won't have a web server to maintain. Also a much simpler and lighter sight (even though my site is already light).

However, the writing/publishing experience on WordPress is excellent.

Decisions decision. What would you do?

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Ubuntu 21.10 is out now!

To celebrate this wonderful event, Impish Indri decided to pose a few more hours for us.
Impish Indri - Wallpaper - 1920x1080px

Many thanks to the Ubuntu team for their hard work 💙.
#art #illustration #mastoart

Any devs in the house? Could do with some help with something (I know nothing about JS).

Basically, I need help with this -

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I've been in Fosstodon for over a year now but mostly silent as I don't think I have a lot of interesting things to say.

I've learnt a lot about FLOSS though, very cool community around here and the Fediverse in general.

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"I hope when I die, that it’s early in the morning so I don’t have to go to work that day for no reason."

We just had a little outage, not sure if anyone noticed apart from @xpil

Does this make us the new Facebook? 🙂

It was a router maintenance at our host, OVH. Hamster is back on its wheel and everything should be kicking along nicely again now.

This site is FANTASTIC!

If you own a personal blog, please "plant a tree" to add your content.

Ready for our next meeting! I feel like my dog thinks she's much smaller than she actually is.

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I’m new here, and apparently an is in order, so here we go! I’m Graham, I work at Oxford Uni on free software (, I stream with @srbaker on GNUstep ( and Amiga (, and I blog at and Happy to be part of Fosstodon!

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