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I wrote a post about online conversations and website engagement.

TL;DR - recieving emails is WAY better than having comments. 😊

Ah least I have some company. Even if she is just here to get her chin scratched.

Jesus Christ. This is as boring as watching paint dry. Oh wait…

Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd (think I spelled that right) has THE best guitar solo ever written. If you think otherwise, you’re wrong and I’ll fight you. 🎸

Please note: I won’t fight you. 😊


BTW, if it wasn’t clear already, I’m bored this weekend so expect lots of shit posting. Sorry (not sorry).

I just found a penguin skeleton at the side of the road. RIP little fella. 😢

I’m getting desperate now!!! (We had a leak like 4 months ago and I haven’t got around to painting the repair yet)

Yesterday I got an email saying Scott Nesbitt has subscribed to my newsletter.

Probably means nothing to most people, but I love Scott’s work and it was his Weekly Musings that inspired me to start The Meta Letter. So to me, this means a lot.

If you haven’t checked out Scott’s newsletter -

My wife has took the kids away for the weekend, I’ve been looking forward to this amazing weekend of freedom…

Truth is, it’s lonely, silent and boring.

I’ve been introducing my son to . He comes home from school today and says “DAD! I FOUND AN EMERALD IN SCHOOL TODAY!”

No son, that’s a stone I’m afraid.

I’ve heard a few people say in the past “I wish is could move to Mastodon full time, but I can’t because I’d still like to follow person X”

Well you can still follow whomever you like from Twitter, right here on Mastodon with by our very own @garritfra 😊

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Mmm that’s good coffee ☕️! I think I’ll have another sip…


If you're a regular reader of my newsletter, would you do me a solid and email a short testimonial with what you think of it please?

If you're not subscribed and are interested, here's a link with more info:

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Me: go and pick it up and put it in the bin please.

He then goes and hovers over by the table for a bit… 🤔

Me: did you eat the poppadom?!

Him: um…no…

Me: the next words that come out of your mouth better be the truth! 😡

Him: yes. 😕

Why are kids so disgusting???


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My youngest dropped a toy under the dining table, so goes to pick it up. I see his little mitt not only pick his toy up, but also reach for a piece of old food wedged under the leg as well (ewww).

He emerged and the conversation went like this:

Me: what was that you just picked up?

Him: my toy?

Me: no. The other thing.

Him: nothing? 🤷‍♂️

Me: did you just pick up some old food from the floor?! 🤮

Him: no! It wasn’t a poppadom! 😳

Me: 🤦‍♂️ where’s the poppadom?

Him: over there 👉


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