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Day 028 of :

I left the JAMStack and IndieWeb in February 2021. What am I feeling three months later?

Been updating my blogroll. It now includes podcasts and newsletters too.

Wife: “Kev, why don’t you book Friday off and we can do something nice while the kids are in school.”

So I do, and we book a spa day. Really looking forward to it…

Kids come home tonight, both with a cough and temperatures. Off for COVID tests tomorrow and the spa is pretty much out the window.


Had a number of people ask me "what do you use to do X on your site?" So I've added a colophon. Hopefully this will help answer those questions.

I love that I can now schedule and also post them to my at the same time, thanks to NewsletterGlue.

If you want to see next week's issue, be sure to subscribe before next Friday!

I know I'm gonna get some flack for this, but oh well!

Is unstable? I don't actually think so...

Can someone give me the TL;DR on the freenode/IRC deal please? Seeing lots of toots about it, but with little context.

Really happy with the new keyboard. I love the grey, white and red. Now I have to decide which one I’m going to take to the office! 😂

After @ndanes did his, I thought I’d post a too.

✅ Rising desk from Fully
✅ DX Racer chair
✅ Dual 24” monitors
✅ Ducky mechanical keyboard
✅ 350L aquarium 🐟

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You might say “Zorin OS is like Windows” or “Vim improves workflow once you learn it”

That’s not good enough.

If it isn’t clean enough, simple enough, and reliable enough for someone to sit down like at a Win10 machine, iPhone or any other device and fulfill their use cases in a minimum of clicks and decision points, it isn’t good enough.

If FOSS wants to take over the world they have to be noticeably better than those that already have. Ideology isn’t a good enough pitch: Superiority is.

I just bought myself a new keyboard for work because I’m spoiled by my beautiful Ducky at home. The shitty Dell thing I have in the office just annoys me.

Went with another Ducky because, like I said, I love mine. Stuck with Cherry Browns, but got a TKL this time.

Oh my goodness, my notifications and inbox have blown up with offers to help. Goddam it I love this community!

Thanks everyone, I'll be reaching out to a couple of people to help.

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Weird - writing a Paypal scams article for a client (how to avoid them, not how to do them) and using Google docs because that’s what the client uses, when suddenly…

This item has been flagged as inappropriate and can no longer be shared

Which is odd.

I’m guessing Google scans the documents for known spammy /scammy phrases?

Yet another reason I don’t use Google unless I have to…

I’m compiling a list of what makes unstable/frustrating compared . If you have any thoughts, please feel free to share them below. 😊

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