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No kids. No noise. No people. Just me, my bike and a flask of coffee. Heaven.

Perfect example of my battery issue. Laptop has been up for 1:16 and I have 18% (now 16% actually) of my battery remaining.

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Longer form post why I'm considering new hardware. Hopefully you can help...?

My desktop and laptop are both ~7 years old (although the former had been upgraded a few times).

I think I’m getting close to needing some new hardware. Question is, what do I go for?

Laptop needs to be no bigger than 14”. Feel free to add recommendations.

@Wimpy I hope you know that I intend to blame you when my wife asks what I'm doing in the study this weekend! 🙂

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We now have 800 paying subscribers! 🥳

Here's how it went:

364 days to get to the first 100
134 days to go from 100 to 800
14 days to go from 700 to 800 🤯🚀

Thank you all for helping us reach this great milestone! 🙏🥰

Some of my thoughts on the recent debacle around Matt Mullenweg ( creator) and the

Come onnnnn my spam email address HAS TO BE now, right?

I should add...the website IS suitable for work.

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So I wad just talking about domain names and I happened to use as an example. To my astonishment, this domain was available (it isn't any more!)

But that got me to thinking, "I wonder if is available?"

Unfortunately it isn't, but the website that hosts it is AMAZING!

Added a new post to the MyLight.Website series - in this one I replaced the banner image with a HTML/CSS one instead.

Little lighter and a little easier to manage if changes are needed.

The company I work for do this thing where you get reward points for good work. I had like 20,000 saved up and decided to chop half of them in for an Apple Watch.

It comes tomorrow and I’m pretty excited. I have a Garmin smart watch, but I think this will be integrated to my phone so much more.

Cue the Apple hate. 🙄

It’s ok folks, we’re allowed to like proprietary stuff too, it’s all good. 😊

Another post and another stream of mistakes on our part. Oh well, it's all a good learning experience!

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Aaaand this is why using your own domain for your email is a good thing. Per-service email addresses are a God send.

Also really interesting that only 1% of my site is actual HTML! That's surprising.

I love how my site looks with the fonts, but my goodness, with them being 85% of the total content, maybe I need to rethink...

Then again, the entire site is pretty quick (~400ms), so maybe I should just leave it. 🙂

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