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I recently installed Microsoft's new Terminal app on my Win 10 drive. I have to say, it's pretty good. At this point, it's _almost_ as good as the Linux terminal.

And it's OSS too I believe.

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My post today reflects some thoughts I've been thinking about as I look for better ways to approach privacy myself and look at some of the really bad takes I've seen in the area.

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Huge thanks to @kev to pointing out that my h-card didn't actually show my name 🤣

That has now been corrected. With help from and Kev's site source code (I don't know how I could have done it without that).

If you have a website and haven't put Webmention on your site, consider learning how to do so by reading

#indieweb #hcard #website #webmention

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When you hit the space bar, which thumb do you use?

Question: I'm thinking about upgrading my desktop. If I get a motherboard with a TPM chip, will my distro still require a passphrase to decrypt the drive, or will it use the TPM to manage this for me?

I'm using :ubuntu: based distros.


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Today, I checked my stats on my blog and discovered some fellow bloggers had responded to and mentioned my post on Shame and Blogging ( from a week ago.

I gotta say, after years of feeling like I was writing to no one its nice to know that I've found a community of bloggers through, , and Mastodon that support one another. These past few months have been the most rewarding time I've spent on the internet ever.

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Huge personal news! I'm super excited to announce that I'm joining System76 as a Customer Support Technician! As most of you know, I've been a huge fan for over a decade, and I can't wait to help support our customers and drive more people toward FOSS!

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I am new to mastodon, but it seems like a comfortable community. I'm currently working on an IT specialist course and am interested in software development, especially open source. I hope its okay for me to join although I don't have much coding experience, I'm learning and would love to be able to contribute to a project someday.

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Since joining I've realised that isn't dead, and even more so during the series. So I've shut down my medium account, bought a cool domain 😂 and been working on a Jekyll setup that works for me. I have a few interesting technical posts in the pipe but my introductory post is a nostalgic look at my life in games . Some initial encouragement and comments may lead to more regular posts from me! 😆

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So.... I'm here I guess. Hi ?

Why I'm Here / Things Donut Hates:
- the big social media sites
- lack of privacy in today's connected world
- bagels

So now I'm tooting instead of tweeting.

The company I work for have said that they're in no rush for the workforce to return to the office (which I think is the right decision and its awesome to see they're putting the team first)


This crappy computer chair I have is getting worse, so I've invested in a new one. After some research I opted for a DX Racer Drifting.

They seem to get good reports online, anyone here got one?

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The move to ClickHouse has not only enabled Plausible Analytics to serve sites with tens of millions of monthly page views, but we've now made our pricing plans more affordable by introducing new subscription levels and reducing prices on others.

New pricing 👇

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Where I talk about why I like Mastodon, and recommend @kev's terrific post.

Nope, probably not gonna happen - build is failing on Netlify and I don’t have time to troubleshoot it. Sorry folks.

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Thinking about starting a would anyone be interested?

I've added a little more info about my intentions for my newsletter and what you might be able to get out of it.

Feel free to take a look..or not. 🙂

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