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People of the fediverse, I need your please.

Can any of you recommend a good quality office chair? The one I have is cheap and rubbish. With working from home at the moment, I need a better one.

Thanks in advance!

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Day 18 of :

I took today to beg for help from the greater Fediverse with an issue I've been having with Also, I know all the Mastodon addresses are resolving to links that point to some wacky thing that doesn't work. I'm sure there's a way to keep it from doing that, but I didn't do the research to find out what it was for this one. Please ignore those links.

Day 18 of and I've changed things up a little with the challenge - for the better, I think.

Couple hours coding with last night. I have something that pretty closely resembles my site.


Very interesting series of posts about how @tomdeb is creating a new website using .

Well worth checking out.

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Day 17 of the

I wanted to do a quick and dirty write up of the scrot tool. @kev asked a question a few days ago about screenshot utilities, and it's always been my go-to. Also, there were no links today for me to screw up, so that's a bonus.

So someone shared a link to this MIT lecture about with me. It's 1.5 hours well spent. The lecturer explains Git in such a way to make it clear for most people hear to understand.

I learned a lot from it.

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New around here. But I sign up and immediately ride the git rollercoaster @kev has been on in the last 24hrs. I think I’ll stick around after that haha

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Renewed my domain today. Having my own website where nothing but the legal system is there to moderate my thoughts, is great. No one trying to make a profit out of my content, no one who limits your reach in order to sell you "promoted" content space, no privacy intrusion.

My creation, My place, My rules! And everyone who finds a platform they don't consider to respect them, should start an own website.

Ok, is f**king awesome! I take everything negative I ever said about it back.

I've been able to configure my webserver so that it does a pull via a webhook every time a repo is updated.

This means I can update my code, push it, and it's automatically reflected on the live site.

Billy basic for many devs here I imagine, but I'm really enjoying the learning experience and the cool things that can be done with Git.

Ok. I've spent the last couple of hours really digging into and I think I've cracked it.

I now have my SSH keys setup and I'm cloning, adding, committing and pushing to my heart's content.

I don't know what all the fuss what about - it's easy once you know how!

Jeez I'm a drama queen at times!!

Thanks to this amazing community for all the help & advice!

Back at it today with post 15 in my challenge.

Today I talk about adding a Notes section to my site and how I did it with my theme.

Wow. I don’t think I saw a single positive comment in this thread. 🤦‍♂️

Hmmm not sure what happened to the quality of the video here.

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A dog’s eye view of our walk last night. Video looks like it has a filter on it, but it doesn’t. That’s exactly what the evening sun looked like last night. Was a beautiful walk and we’re very lucky to have all these fields so close by. 🐶

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