@emilis > Are you sure people are making those requests? Maybe it's some bots looking for some vulnerabilities?

That's a great point actually, I hadn't considered that it may not be a human.

@brunofontes I'm using Apache with an Nginx reverse proxy in front of it.

Any regex users here? If so, I could do with some advice.

I'm getting 404s on my site where people visit kevq.uk/link-to-post/null

The /null is a problem and I don't know why people are visiting it.

Anyway, I'd like to write a regex redirect that basically removes /null from the end of the URL. Does anyone know how to do this please? I have no idea.

Thanks in advance!

@richards Very jealous! How are the roads out there?

Also, what are you riding? I'm considering adding a cruiser (possibly a HD) to my garage this yr.

@bigbrownepaul I used to have a B6 as my workhorse bike - the thing was bulletproof and surprisingly fun to ride.

Ooooo the new report feature on @tootapp is so nice! If you’re on iOS, Toot! is the best app, bar none.

Don’t worry @xpil I’m not gonna report you! 😊

@bigbrownepaul mines die an MOT in a few weeks, sure it’ll be fine though. Bandit 6 or 12?

@friend @willdaly I seriously doubt there would be any licensing issues.

@aspie4K not sure why you want to track analytics for a Mastodon community. We don’t, so can’t really help, sorry.

@proton yeah, it’s the same use case and the solution @nagot should work. Assuming you’re on Jekyll of course.

@nebunez yeah I didn’t want to get into the actual usability of the language. That’s a discussion for another day. :)

@tallblondeguy @ghost_letters I love that analogy. Never heard it out that way before. I’m definitely stealing that! 😊

@simon what have you done to me! I now own 2 2x2 and 2 3x3. I've got the 2x2 pretty much nailed at this point. Gonna play with that for a week or two and really commit it to memory, then I'll upgrade to the 3x3.

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