@wonderingdane how can you not love many, MANY pictures of me??

@randynose I'm absolutely certain that my wife would agree with you, Randy! 😃

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Even if you’re not an American, you should take a moment and give thanks for something good in your life. Many of us on Fosstodon (and the fediverse, beyond) have the great privilege of access to technology that grants us the ability to be here.

Thanks to @kev and @mike for Fosstodon, and the team of amazing volunteers who help heard cats, er … uh, moderate this fine instance!

@stevejobs there's always some discrepancy in the numbers because of caching etc.

Changed the background on my site.

...too much? 😂

@reykjalin you should definitely watch The Queens Gambit on Netflix.

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Bit late, i dont thing i've written an introduction on here even though i've created my account in july. Anyways, i'm a 15 year old blind teen from Poland who is a nerd and loves coding, linux, apple, inproving accessibility of open source products and making music. I'm open to people so if you'd like to pm/dm/whatever, feelfree. I'm mostly active on discord stasp#7323 so contacting me there would be your best bet.

@brandon par for the course in every enterprise I’ve worked in. Corporate font is always the default.

@edgren if you setup a cname that point to your Bunny bucket, it won’t show as a 3rd party request. cdn.domain.com. That’s what I do.

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@abrahms hmmm I’m not actually sure where that line is for me. There are some thing I just think “you know what, I need a keyboard here”. That’s usually just coding or writing content though.

@gytis there’s definitely still more I can do. But I’m pretty happy with it. 😊

@zudn the problem with a lot of Wordpress themes is that they try to cater for so many people that they end up bundling every library you can think of in there. So sites become hugely bloated. By designing your own theme (or paying someone to do it) you get only what you need.

@zudn if it’s less than 512 uncompressed, then yeah. Just log a GitHub issue.

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