@jle @garritfra you could go down the ARM route with something like a RPi or Synology (expensive though). But if you don’t want the hassle, a cloud option is probably easiest.

I get 200GB with my iCloud account but don’t really use it. When my Synology dies ill likely just move everything there though. Largely for the same reasons.

Only think my syno does is host a wiki and a VPN. Wiki is easily fixed and the VPN can be done on my router.

@pixel @uoya it a unique feed that’s tied to your account and displays everything. When you unsubscribe, the feed dies.

That’s what patreon does.

@smcn @rridley same! Watched first episode of stranger things tonight, really enjoyed it.

@lkhrs I removed all the gubbins from my footer during the redesign. I’m still trying to workout how to reimplement the web rings.

@lkhrs @omgmog I wouldn’t call putting them inside a details element hiding it.

@me yes! YES! I’m not completely alone on this hill! 😂

@david @StartpageSearch @danarel I think it’s pretty close the lilac, yeah. Purply lilac! 😂

@lionirdeadman @Coneng attack? Is a discussion where people have different opinions attacking these days?

I feel like its you who needs to chill and accept different opinions.

@StartpageSearch @danarel maybe I’m colourblind! Everyone keeps telling me it’s blue, but it’s a strong shade of purple to my eye. 😂

@Wivik I don’t think they had a choice. MS has DDG over a barrel here. There’s no way it ends well for them. One the one hand, they have to go against their morals, but on the other, they destroy their business without Bing.

Lose/lose. I think this was the lesser of the 2 evils from a business perspective.

@Coneng I don’t think this is a productive conversation, so let’s just agree to disagree.

For the record though, he is a homophobic douchebag. 😂

@Coneng i mean, yeah. Would you take issue with me calling a member of the KKK a “racist douchebag”?

Same thing really.

@wind the crypto garbage isn't my main concern with Brave. It's the fact that it's run by Brendan Eich, as I mentioned in the post.

Ohhhh what are you playing at? Here's a longer rendition of my thoughts around the DDG tracking saga.


@blackfire I know. It's a trust issue though. DDG have always touted themselves as being privacy respecting and really transparent. For the most part that appears to be true. But now, I'm not so sure.


@rudolf It's not about browser vs search. It's about trust.

@G117CH I really don't want to go down the self-hosted route. It's a possibility though, I suppose.

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