@sheogorath That’s my intention for it, yeah. I’m sure there are bloggers out there that would be willing to write, but that will take time (I’ve actually had one offer already).

I don’t know. I think I need to get my thoughts in order and make a decision. I usually find that writing a post about it helps, as I have to gather my thoughts into some semblance of a cohesive order for others to understand.

@ggarron ahhh thanks man, I really appreciate the kind words.

@jbauer hmmmm you may be into something there. Clearly my elementary was flawed...


@markosaric any regrets belabour broadening the scope of topics you cover?

As I said in a previous comment in this thread, I really enjoy your blog and have done so for a while, but I’ve always got this niggling feeling that techies don’t want to hear about blogging and bloggers don’t want to hear about motorbikes, and no one wants to hear about fishkeeping haha.

I should probably just stop overthinking it...

@ggarron @basil

@ggarron oh yeah, I know Marko’s stuff well. I’ve been following his blog for quite some time now. His is one of the blogs I jump to first when see an unread item. Marko is a really nice guy to boot too.


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I'm making the jump with this

here is my brand new blog: blog.benoitj.ca/

This is day 1 of my : blog.benoitj.ca/posts/i-should

Thanks to @kev for initiating this, @hund for encouraging me and all others who started one!

@basil yeahhh I’m really not sure what to do. I need to gather my thoughts...

@brandon I’ve worked out your email address!

It’s clearly never.bastard@gooch.com

I recently made a new blog called The Meta Blog, but I’m having second thoughts.

On the one hand it’s good to have a specific niche blog as it could allow me to do more with it, but on the other it’s more work and another site to maintain.

If I got rid of The Meta Blog, I’d revert to writing posts about blogging on my personal blog.


@g the intention isn't to make money on it. I just thought it would be cool that have it's own niche, But I'm not sure what that does over and above what I already have.

@mike I dunno - I feel like I'm detracting from my own blog and watering down my content.

I think I made a mistake starting The Meta Blog...I can write about blogging on my own site.

I think I might merge the posts over and close it down...

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@en absolutely love this idea. Thanks for sharing Jan-Lukas.

@vancha it is. Having a lift for the bike is a god send. The big garage was one of the main reason we bought this house. 😊

@greypilgrim ooo close! CB650. I used to have the CB1000R - it was a great bike.

@ndegruchy check out BunnyCDN, that’s who I use and they’re very cheap. Like less than a couple bucks a month for my traffic.

You get a 30 day free trial where you can work out how much traffic you used, so you have an idea what it will cost.

Today was a fun day - I spent it servicing my little brother’s motorbike for him.

Spannering in the garage is ALMOST as fun as riding the things.

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