@bsharitt I use Wordpress, but only really use the app to process comments.

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Day 100 of #100DaysToOffload and I have completed the challenge! Loved the ride, but looking forward to the next chapter of Muse & Reason.

My thanks to @kev for initiating the challenge. A great project and one I can commend to anyone wanting to improve their writing.


@arh not sure why it would do that, as it's always just taken the permalink structure from WordPress for me.


@arh it doesn't. It's only for stuff you post. It's all about POSSE on the indieweb. It's controlled by what you post, not what others post.



@arh so yeah, as long as you have the WebMention plugin installed on your WP site, all you need to do is post a Toot that contains a link to one of your posts. If someone interacts with that Toot, you should get a webmention.


@jamie @basil I've never even heard of pease pudding. Sounds nice.

@jamie see, being an anarchist, I go with the "rip it up and make it fit like a jigsaw" method.

@arh bridgy won't re-post your content to Mastodon. It will look for any toots containing links to your content, then create webmentions to those pages on your site when someone likes or comments.

You need to have the webmention plugin installed.

I'll write something up.


One of the great quandaries of the modern age...

Why is ham circular when bread is rectangular?

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Good goshly, I love Fosstodon! Sorry. Just had to get that out of the system.

@jamie I did 2 things, not sure which one fixed the problem and haven’t had the inclination to work it out. 😊

1) Enabled pingbacks again.
2) Started using comments again.

I don’t recall marking that issue as resolved though.

@ggarron they deffo got a great mum. Not so sure about the dad! 🤣🤣🤣

@freddy the population thing is exactly why my wife and I decided to adopt rather than having our own.

@neildarlow hahaha I don’t think I will, to be honest.

@Matter I don’t mind if people who know me IRL can work out who they are - those people are part of our lives and know all this already. They don’t, however, know the kids background. It’s only my wife and I who know that.

I wasn’t expecting Dad’s Notebook to get much of a reaction here, thanks to everyone who commented and shared advice.

Would you like me to continue to share links here?

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