@joeligj12 You don't need a lot of it. The data is in YAML in the _data folder (source below) and that YAML is build into the lists on the main site during the Jekyll build phase.


I don't want to have to teach people how to do all this, was kinda my point. I want someone that I can give access to the repo, tell them where stuff is, and away they go.

@jle I don't know, maybe? I'm open to ideas if it can. Here's the source code:


I basically put the info from an issue into the yaml files in _data and that created the list during build.

I'm not sure of a way to get the data out of an issue and into that file?

@novichan these password complexity tools are notoriously inaccurate. You don’t need any clever ways of creating a password. Just use a passPHRASE.

“My dog is blue, she’s 5 and her name is Jojo.” Is very secure and easy to remember.

@ernie I actually don’t remember the last times I had a wet shave. I just use a beard trimmer, which means I’m perpetually stubbly.

@hund yeah, I was expecting more from it. I’m not a keyboard expert like you, but the price seems extremely high.

@edgren it’s not that simple. JS can be misused to invasively track, fingerprint and be downright malicious. But so can any programming language.

Having a few lines that re-skins the site for printing won’t invade anyone’s privacy.

@edgren I don’t really get that mentality. What’s actually wrong with JS? You’re not dependant on JS, it won’t break your site if someone has it disabled. I really don’t see the problem here.

Although, it’s your site so… 😊

@huy_ngo yup! I had to reinstall WhatsApp because of my mum. 🤦‍♂️

@edgren add them. It won’t kill you and JS isn’t inherently bad.

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Weird - writing a Paypal scams article for a client (how to avoid them, not how to do them) and using Google docs because that’s what the client uses, when suddenly…

This item has been flagged as inappropriate and can no longer be shared

Which is odd.

I’m guessing Google scans the documents for known spammy /scammy phrases?

Yet another reason I don’t use Google unless I have to…

@popey new employer: “Mr Pope, here is your contract. Welcome to the company.”

Popey: “Um, why is there no mention of a Thinkpad in this contract? Do you even know who you’re employing here, sunshine?”

3 days later, this arrives…

@simon nice work! I didn’t realise it was you, listened to this episode today.

@gortbrown ha! That’s a good one! Also, why no tabs in explorer??

@pixelherodev that’s a really interesting perspective. Could you elaborate on why it’s so tight between Ubuntu and Windows please?

@textovervideo haha I mean, we all know what the fix for that is.

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