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Day 08 of and I'm not even close to getting sick of this. Keep those posts coming!

Here's mine for today - do I have too many devices? I think I might have...

Day 07 of and I’m talking about Spotify vs a local library, in reply to a recent post from @en

For day 06 of I've added another post to my Building A Website series.

In this post I've improved the header and added a footer.

Hey @brandonsjournal, welcome to Fosstodon! I notice you have a @write_as blog and you're talking part in .

So I've added your blog to our blogroll. Good luck with the challenge!

By the way, I totally think you should migrate your Blogger posts over to Write.As!

Day 04 of my journey. Today is longer post about some research I've done into vs .

TL;DR - I'm now using light mode everywhere.

Any of you wonderful people know of a way to easily display multiple RSS feeds in a single page?

Thinking about adding a public feed collated of all the RSS feeds within the blogroll on

I'm sure it's possible, but if any of you folks can save me a handful of DDG searches to work it out, I'd be ever so grateful. 🙂

I've updated the website. It was a site that allowed people to submit their posts, but it was getting too much for me the manage after just 1 day! (that's a good thing)

It's now a simple HTML site with links at the bottom to the hashtag feeds on various sites, so people can discover content for themselves.

This is probably my favourite post from so far. It’s so simple and nice. And it has some questions/challenges at the end to inspire others.

@Vollmer I’m sorry, I don’t know if your sister has her own Masto account, so I’ll just tag you. 😊


I've started my series with this first post. If you're going to join in, remember to check out the new website (link in the post).

So we have . What about where you blog about something...anything...every day for 100 days.

Not having a blog isn't an excuse - you can sign up for a free one with @write_as. 😃

Anyone interested?

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