Day 18 of and I've changed things up a little with the challenge - for the better, I think.

Back at it today with post 15 in my challenge.

Today I talk about adding a Notes section to my site and how I did it with my theme.

I'm having a lazy day today, so no writing, as I can't be bothered to be honest.

Plus, I'm enjoying being in the garden with a beer (or 3) way too much.

So, no post today. I did always say it doesn't have to be consecutive days. 🙂

Day 15 coming tomorrow. Probably...

I'm already at day 12 of

I've managed to get rid of one of the plugins on my site, by implementing a simple "scroll to top" feature.

Bonus points for doing it without JavaScript!

This post VERY different from my usual drivel. I'm talking about some really personal stuff after reading a book by British TV presenter, Henry Cole.

This is day 11 of my

I decided to talk about the number of plugins I use on my site and what I use them for (most of them are ).

This is day 10 of my

Day 09 of and I'm changing things up a little. Today I tell you about the nightmare I've been having with my Oscar fish.

Day 08 of and I'm not even close to getting sick of this. Keep those posts coming!

Here's mine for today - do I have too many devices? I think I might have...

Day 07 of and I’m talking about Spotify vs a local library, in reply to a recent post from @en

For day 06 of I've added another post to my Building A Website series.

In this post I've improved the header and added a footer.

Hey @brandonsjournal, welcome to Fosstodon! I notice you have a @write_as blog and you're talking part in .

So I've added your blog to our blogroll. Good luck with the challenge!

By the way, I totally think you should migrate your Blogger posts over to Write.As!

Day 04 of my journey. Today is longer post about some research I've done into vs .

TL;DR - I'm now using light mode everywhere.

Any of you wonderful people know of a way to easily display multiple RSS feeds in a single page?

Thinking about adding a public feed collated of all the RSS feeds within the blogroll on

I'm sure it's possible, but if any of you folks can save me a handful of DDG searches to work it out, I'd be ever so grateful. 🙂

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