Today was a fun day - I spent it servicing my little brother’s motorbike for him.

Spannering in the garage is ALMOST as fun as riding the things.

Anyone ever played with the "Magic Ratio"? It's fun.

Couple hours coding with last night. I have something that pretty closely resembles my site.


A dog’s eye view of our walk last night. Video looks like it has a filter on it, but it doesn’t. That’s exactly what the evening sun looked like last night. Was a beautiful walk and we’re very lucky to have all these fields so close by. 🐶

Ok, so I don't check the stats for my website very often. Because frankly, it's not very high on my list of priorities.

I just checked them for the first time this year and I've been getting around half a MILLION hits every month (last number is May so far).

I got 750k in January!

That. Is. Crazy.

Instead of being clever, let's try again, this time the proper way...

here's my 20.04 setup on my Thinkpad. I'm really enjoying Ubuntu.

I’m trying out 20.04 in my Thinkpad. I’m VERY impressed. I love the Yaru theme. I think I will be replacing Pop!_OS on my devices with this.

When you enable a Mastodon bridge for testing with your website. 🤦‍♂️

Yeah...I like rum. So what?? I don’t have a drinking problem...honest! 😳

Here’s my . Thanks to @normandc for the hashtag idea. C’mon folks, let’s see yours!

@oranje and @stuts asked for a penguin. So, here's my take on a penguin. 🙂

Do Sundays get any better than this? Chilling in my dressing gown, doing a bit of coding with some music on, and one of my fish tanks in the background. :)

Here's my - a little early, but I'll probably forget tomorrow. :popos:

Yes! So much yes! Looks like will be back in some form.

Just need some suggestions for names now. 😁

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