Changed the background on my site.

...too much? 😂

Could someone on Android do me a favour please? Can you visit and see what the page renders like.

I have iOS and the page seems to load in desktop mode initially (see img #1), but I refresh and the it loads the mobile version (see img #2). I want to understand if it’s a problem with my site, or Apple’s shitty rendering engine.

Thanks in advance!

Hello hooman. Would you like help cleaning this coffee cup? ☕️

I treated myself to a new up/down desk. Jeez that was a headache to build. Especially cable management. Very happy though.

If anyone is interested it’s the Jarvis desk from Fully.

Been having some fun with the avatar on my homepage...

Here's my 20.10 desktop all done and dusted. Performance feels great - another strong release for the Ubuntu team.

(only things I changed are the panel config and the wallpaper)

I heard @popey & @Wimpy talking about the release and its new official wallpaper on the @ubuntupodcast.

Been playing around in @inkscape with my own background for the release.

It of course includes an @ubuntu coloured version. :)

No kids. No noise. No people. Just me, my bike and a flask of coffee. Heaven.

Perfect example of my battery issue. Laptop has been up for 1:16 and I have 18% (now 16% actually) of my battery remaining.

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@Wimpy I hope you know that I intend to blame you when my wife asks what I'm doing in the study this weekend! 🙂

Aaaand this is why using your own domain for your email is a good thing. Per-service email addresses are a God send.

Also really interesting that only 1% of my site is actual HTML! That's surprising.

I love how my site looks with the fonts, but my goodness, with them being 85% of the total content, maybe I need to rethink...

Then again, the entire site is pretty quick (~400ms), so maybe I should just leave it. 🙂

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Nice to see that the vast majority of my website is loaded from my CDN. At this point, the caching is so good that it's practically a static site.

I think someone may have taken offence to my domain squatter post. 😂

Noooo!!! 😭😭😭

My favourite, irreplaceable mug is gone. 😢

Anyone know if we can still buy these now the Ubuntu store is gone?

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