I have created a dedicated account for Masto.host and you can follow it here: @mastohost

I will start doing the announcements there (will boost them here).

This way if my servers go down there will still be a place where you can go to see what is going on. Plus, I feel more comfortable asking new people to follow that account to get announcements and they don't have to follow me.

I have also created a Status page so anyone can see what is the status of the servers: status.masto.host/

@hugo for some reason, the @ mention of @mastohost is taking to the webui, rather than allowing me to follow on here. I assume it's because the account isn't fedorated yet or something?


@hugo @mastohost never mind, stayed working when I did the mention myself. Weird.

@kev @mastohost yep, probably it was not federated yet. Let me know if it happens again

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