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Kev Quirk @kev

Anyone on here using ? I've just signed up for an account. Looks like a great alternative to Whatsapp/Signal (or whatever you use). All depends on the update I suppose though.

@AvnSgt how do you find it? I obviously don't have any contacts on there yet, just reserving a decent name more than anything, just in case it blows up. :-)

@kev Sorry it took so long.. But, I use the some alias on Wire, as I do here.

@AvnSgt @kev A few people have recommended it to me as well. I've heard they're quite a good open-source citizen. I should probably give it a spin too.

@AvnSgt @kev I do too. I'm @mikestone on Wire. I have a couple contacts there, but most of them I talk to on Mastodon.

@dpreacher @AvnSgt @mike up to you really, I'm more using it as a way for people to easily "text" me without giving out my mobile number.

@kev @dpreacher @mike I don't mind. Social media is not my real domain, so if I want to keep contact, this would be a good option.