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Kev Quirk @kev

Ok, I'm making my way through -GooglingMyLife. Browser, check. Search enging, check.

@kev firefox over chrome has always seemed like a super easy thing for me. The customizability and addon system in FF make it so much nicer, especially since chrome is no longer the lean efficient slim browser it was almost 10 years ago.
But I am still frustrated with DuckDuckGo so much. 🙁 They suck very bad at current events. Basically searching for news with them means you're unable to find things from the last 3-4 days.

@kunev I don't really use a search engine for that - that's what RSS is for. :-)

Honestly, I haven't noticed any difference in performance between FF and Chrome. They both seem equally as good - it's jsut the privacy thing really.

@kev as I said that I went to try it out and it seems my impressions are quite old... Recent news seem to work pretty well now. Thanks for involuntarily nudging me to discover that.
Time to once again ditch google as a search engine. Hope it lasts this time 🙂

@kunev YES!!! By that comment alone I consider this a journey a complete success already!

@kev Good skills! Looking forward to following your journey. It's the calendar I find most difficult...

@dajbelshaw I've already started researching alternatives to groupware (email, contacts & cal). This is going to prove by far the most difficult - I'm a heavy user of groupware and I'm VERY particular in how I use it.

...I may have found a good alternative, I'm still testing like 5 different options though.

@kev I use Kolab for personal email, but GCal is too embedded in my life...

@dajbelshaw Kolab is one of the tools I'm testing - it's very expensive for what it is though. Like I said in the article, I don't want to compromise. If it doesn't do everything I want, I won't be signing up. No point in changing otherwise. :-)

@kev Two things I particularly like about DuckDuckGo:
1) The results just keep flowing; you don't need to click to load next pages. I find it easier to consider a large number of click options, rather than finding myself subtly steered toward the most commercial sites—albeit out of my own laziness, but also because it can get confusing about which page I saw an option on.
2) When I want to refine my search terms, striking '/' highlights my existing search so I am ready to retype.

@bronwenj the more am I using DDG, the more I'm finding awesome little utilities, like "bangs" that allow you to search specific sites straight from DDG.


There's a lot of people doing this, though I've not seen them around Masto now for a couple months. :(

Here's another guy, outside...


I don't have time/attention/$$/skeelz for running my own servers, etc, so I'm looking to drop tools/services and reduce my online footprint more than replace everything. E.g. G+ has become useless to me.

Likewise, I'm including near all big monopolies, not just Google. Or as you put it, the "laterals". Apple being my pivot/hybrid base for a while until I'm rich enough to by a Purism. (Plus the family is macOS/iOS, so I'll always have some need to tether there.)

A gradual process.

@wion @kev That's a good approach - every time you have to make a decision, choose to turn left instead of right (or whichever way you associate with 'progress'!)

@wion absolutely, it is a gradual process. I don't think I will be self-hosting many of the tools. I self-hosted my email server for a year or so, it was so much work.

I'm definitely prioritising vendors over self-hosting, but if I can't find a moral vendor, or functionality is a problem, I'll look at self-hosting. Still no dice? Then I'll be sticking with Google for that tool until something does pop up.