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Kev Quirk @kev

Honestly, I'm at the end of my tether. Looking for an alternative to Gmail, I've found a good one on Zoho, but getting mail contacts and calls in Ubuntu is a nightmare! Windows - no issue, ActiveSync. It's enough to make me go back to Windows...

@kev I didn't specifically try what you are looking for but so far I had excellent plug&play experience on Fedora. Maybe that works for you?

@lx it's not so much plug&play, it's more syncing mail etc with my machine. Nextcloud would work, but it's just another level of complication.

@kev the grass on the windows side of things really isn't any greener.

If debain stuff is tiring you there's always to the non debain stuff you can try out like antergos and fedora. Personally antrgos is my jam but I'm not saying it'll be yours.

@kev I have been experimenting with Tutanota, as a possible replacement to Gmail. While, it has a nice mobile app and good web interface, I have yet to really dig in and use it.