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Kev Quirk @kev

Thinking about getting a new phone, but I'm very bad at picking them. I currently have an Xperia Z5, which is OK, but pretty crap in many ways also.

I hate how flagship phones are now on a par with small tablets in terms of size. I don't want a bloody tablet, I have one of those already!

I also don't want to pay close to £1,000 for a phone. That's just plain stupid IMHO.

Short list:

iPhone SE (yes, really)
Moto G5
Huawei P8 Lite, or maybe P10

Any recommendations?

@kev I also hate how flagship phones are only "flagship" in terms of design and build quality, but not really features anymore.

@kev My current phone will not root. Seems the later versions of Android have issues rooting. Don't know if that's an issue for you. I'm planning to give this phone to one of my kids and downgrade to an older flagship phone. My all time favorite was the LG G3. I miss that phone.

@DistroJunkie I'm not bothered about rooting. Used to like to put Cyanogenmod on, but that's obviously a thing of the past now.

@kev I'd avoid the iPhone if I were you. Disregarding everything about Apple, it's an alternative platform and any apps you've purchased will be worthless. If you don't buy apps, you'd probably save money just getting a cheap flip.

@mike there are a few apps I've bought, but nothing I'm too bothered about.

@kev I dunno, I had an iPhone a long time ago, and it was quite literally the worst phone I've ever owned. I hated that thing with a passion. I'd go flip before I went back to an iPhone. Heck, I'd go Windows phone before I'd do iPhone. Buy a Palm Pre or something. :)

@mike what do you mean by flip? I have an iPad and quite like it.

@kev Old style flip phone. It's something I've been considering lately moderately seriously. I've been questioning what I really use my smartphone for and how much of it I actually need. I spend my life virtually soaking in WiFi, so having a tablet with a large screen is better for me than using a phone sized screen. Really all my phone is doing is covering me when I'm outside WiFi range. During those brief windows, what kind of services do I actually NEED?

@kev I doubt I'll actually do anything along those lines. I'm almost certain that I'm going to be picking up a Pixel XL 2 when Google announces them on the 4th, but it's a thought that's crossed my mind on more than one occasion.

@kev The Pixel XL 2 (or is it Pixel 2 XL?) will probably have a giant screen on it, but it will allow me to consolidate my phone and tablet into a single device, and simplify my current setup. If I'm going to be doing "smart" type activities, I want a screen that can support it. I don't want browsing and messaging on a 2" screen. My eyesight is just not that good anymore. I'd need reading glasses!

@mike ah right. Yeah, I've actually considered the same - just a really cheap android phone that will run phone, text, WhatsApp and a couple other bits that I use from time to time.

As you say, I havey tablet if I want clever.

@kev The one that I was looking at was this one. It's a prepaid phone too, so I would only pay for it when I use it. The Android version is ancient, but it would probably be sufficient for my needs. But, like I say, I'm probably not going to do that. Probably go the device consolidation route for at least one more generation.