My optimisation continues. I’ve now got my site down to 2 requests (the page and the favicon) and 49.3kb. Oh, and straight 100s on

I think that’s pretty darn good for WordPress and I’ll call it quits there. 🙃

But WordPress is bloated, right? 🤷‍♂️


@pimoore I think I’ve gone far enough down this rabbit hole now 😂

@kev and fully loading your homepage takes less than 1 second in both the UK ( and Canada (

While Australia does take a little bit longer (1.5 seconds -, it would be hard to make it load very quickly.

Congrats! I think you need to do a full write-up on what you've all done.

@g thanks. I might do a full write up at some point. It would be a looooong post though as I’d like to talk about what led me to each step in the process.

@kev long posts are good. It's always nice to know what other people are doing.

@kev @g Do you have the theme public anywhere? I would love to check that out.

@chris @kev @g

TIL GeneratePress

Honestly I think where WordPress gets bloated is in implementation and shiny stuff people demand. 😞

@antijingoist @kev @g generatepress is solid, I’ve used it before. Still pretty bloated though.

@antijingoist I think it’s more because of admins who don’t actually know what they’re doing, so instead of adding a bit of PHP to add some functionality, they add a plugin. And another. And another. And another.

All of a sudden they’re loading tonnes of CSS and JS on the front end, and their WP backend is like a sieve.

@chris @g

@chris @g I don’t, but it’s really nothing groundbreaking. Dequeued a load of stylesheets and scripts that I don’t need, then inlined the CSS.

@kev I’d be very interested in that post. I gave up on Wordpress last year and converted both my business and personal site to #pelicanssg, but I’m starting to find it lacking for the business site.

Would love options. @g

@Jeff GeneratePress is pretty light out the box in my experience. Even before this, my site was only around 300kb. GP tends to dequeue anything you’re not using, so does load a tonne of fluff, unless you turn everything on of course.

Ill start thinking about how best to write something up.


@kev Why inline things like CSS and your logo image which will be repeated on each page? Maybe you've maximized request speed for a single page, but subsequent page request responses will be larger than they need to be since clients will be re-downloading stuff they could have just retrieved from their cache. Is there a reason for that?

@Albright the amount of css is negligible in terms of the total page size. Removing unused CSS and reducing the number of requests made (thus removing render blocking requests) is a far superior solution (in my opinion) than having to rely on visitors local cache.

@Albright my logo is an SVG, so that’s a few bytes of data.

I defined favicon inline so that I can use an emoji. This helps avoiding another request for a single KB png image.

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