@kev just found out about the traditional tattoo penguin sticker, do you know who designed it?

@hq1 @kev it was a Swedish member. J? I still didn’t get mine lol.

@whoisrbkn @hq1 no. It was me who designed it. You’re thinking about Jens (@ohyran) who designed the elephant with laptop.

@whoisrbkn no, someone else. I’ve got the photo, but not sure they’d like me to share it, so I won’t. Ill let them chime in if they see this.

@hq1 @ohyran

@whoisrbkn @hq1 @ohyran they obviously didn't get the Fosstodon banner tattood on their body. They used the original design that I drew:

@kev @hq1 @ohyran I believe I was at Jönköping at that time but I was perhaps there for a few week before continuing toward Stockhölm. I did it! 😋 Coming back was one of the hardest thing in my life.


That's so cool!! Unfortunately stickers are not available where I live as nothing ever is...

@kev Congratulations on reaching this milestone! The history of fosstodon.org was very interesting.

@kev congrats! After trying a couple different instances I’m glad I landed here. Yep it feels like home.

@kev Pretty crazy how time flies :) Congrats. The community you and @mike have started on Fosstodon is remarkable. So, glad I could be part of it in some way. Here's to five more years!

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