Here's the details of what happened on Saturday when all our services went down:

It's not DNS.
There's no way it's DNS.
It was DNS.
 — SSBroski

@kev I'm just happy such a great service gets provided. No apologies needed :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

@robert that’s interesting. I wonder how sustainable that would be if they’re effectively renewing domains for people.

@robert @kev Yep, I can confirm, that’s great stuff! They also offer to pay for renewal for several years upfront. Given how cheap domains are, that might be another way to mitigate this without any special warranty services.

Any reason why you don't have a Let's Encrypt certificate? 🤔

Then it's strange you have to pay to renew I'd say? :thaenkin:

@kev @RyuKurisu It’s not renewal of SSL/TLS certificates but the domain itself, i.e. registering “fosstodon” at “.org”

@lx exactly. We're talking about the domain registration, not the SSL certificate.


@kev haha, it’s always DNS. Glad you caught it quickly!

@lkhrs @kev oh no service is down
its not dns
its not dns
oh no it is dns
@kev - Hate when that happens. Depending on registrars they can be total dicks about the renew too (ah hem...bluehost). NC so far has been stunning in my experience.

@kev oof, that's rough. Thanks for giving up part of your Saturday to fix it!

@kev you don't need to be so hard on your self, it is 100% ok, we are all humans

@kev Hey it happens. Don't be so hard on yourself. I use calendar reminders. BTW, I spotted a mistake in "I don’t think I received ay alerts about it", change "ay" to "any".

@kev nice short, casual, and entertaining article. I'm glad the issue was resolved. I myself have faced similar issues few times, and Paypal so far have been a great help. I'm just a bit concerned about the day that paypal changes some policy and then I have to modify many many websites that are configured to use my Paypal :ablobcatcoffee:

@kev first thought when I started reading it, “oh great, did he close the card that the registrar bills to” I wasn’t far off

@kev it happens. Part of being a federated system is that mistakes happen. I bet places like fb, etc renew domains for like 20 years at a time to avoid this kind of thing. I know i am increasing mine to multi year renewals.

@kev yep, it happens. Been on the panic end of the phone calls at $dayjob before when a domain bought by someone who left 6 months ago expires and all the email and web services are down. That's why we remind them all to let us buy domains for them so there's a team to deal with the issues...

@kev Really no reason to apologize — it’s a great reminder that the people behind sites like these are exactly that — people, with all their own stuff going on.

And now that we all know the expiration date, there’s no excuse for everyone here not to remind you. A distributed reminder-of-expiration… notification? Something like that! 😁😁

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