Here's a post-mortem of what we saw on over Monday and Tuesday with the influx of new members from Twitter.

Thought you fine folks would be interested in something like this.

@kev Thank you and the team for working so hard to keep the lights on!

@kev A wild ride, for sure. Great article and post-mortem. Definitely proud to see everyone stepping up and helping offset the costs. It's a true sign a great community. ❤️

@cooper @kev great job! I'm a Rails dev in UK if you need and in any case I bought some stickers :)

@kev I reckon this will end up being like all those Americans who were going to move to Canada if Trump won in 2017.

They crashed the Canadian immigration website, but then settled down and stayed exactly where they were.

Storm in a teacup

@kev @mike @ru and the rest of the team. Thank you very much for all the incredible work

@kev This is incredible work! Thank you team! And honestly, I personally didn't noticed anything 👍

@kev we are very grateful for all the work you guys have done, and this is probably the best way for chaos to ensure. It had been unexpected but the community is growing greatly and it's great news!

@kev Thanks to all of you for all the work you are doing. I’ve dealt with spikes in traffic like that- I worked for the digital arm of a major greeting card company and Valentines Day was always 48 hours of 10x traffic - It’s never easy. I appreciate all all of your hard work.

@kev thank you! Is sidekiq always a bottleneck? How do you deal with the eventual limits of it? I’m not familiar with what it takes to run an instance

@dustinrue no sidekiq works really well actually. The picture is far more complicated than just sidekiq, but that’s a good measure of whether resources need to be increased. is orders of magnitude bigger than us, so I’m sure we’re well within the capability of the stack for quite some time.

I'm still impressed you guys m managed to manually review all those new user requests so quickly, including mine. :blobcataww: :blobcatcheer:

@kev whoa you guys do amazing work, thank you! 🙏 Gonna make a donation right now.

@Gina @kev Yes! Thank you! Great reminder to send another donation!

@kev wow amazing job all of you, it's great seeing how much our community has grown over the years.

@kev Thank you for giving us noobs some insights into what's happening behind the scenes. And thank you for saving the day.

Thanks for running this fantastic community, and for your swift response to the Twitter exodus :ablobcatattention:

@kev @papiris Liberals will be so much happier on the Fediverse, because there's actually more censorship HERE than on Twitter, nowadays. Fedi instances will probably stay mostly far left for years to come and Elon can't buy the Fediverse. Almost everyone in "tech" is either leftist or at least pretending to be. Hat's off to the spineless pretenders!

@clay @papiris @kev What pretenders? This not only in USA btw, I’m in Finland myself. Many liberals are for freedom of speech here. EU just launched an official instance and account. The service I use to bridge between here and Twitter is in Brazil.

@kev @papiris @antont Supposedly Silicon Valley (in USA) is like 95% leftist, but I have a theory that 50% of them are just pretending, in order to keep their jobs.


@antont @kev

**contentwarning like this because the CW button is gone: ECONPOL**

I don't doubt that many people in tech are left-leaning, but I doubt that a seemingly ultra-capitalist environment with VC-firms and unethical businesses hither and tither, like Silicon Valley, is a leftist stronghold.
Or is it a leftist stronghold precisely because it's so capitalistic, where life is good for the few richest and terrible for the rest?

@kev @antont @papiris Yeah I bet there's a lot of "evil" capitalists (that's sarcasm) in Silicon Valley making millions, but they have to all pretend to be Socialists in order to keep their jobs.

@kev how great is this, it warms my heart! Great job you guys! (I am a bit sad that I did not follow on the Mattermost channel because of work and missed all the excitement :-)) A warm welcome to all the new members from my side!!

Thanks for writing such a good blog post.

Here are the stats for

Monday morning:
▫️ 779 users - 244 active
Friday afternoon:
▫️ 1830 users - 1326 active

We started small, but it's almost unreal looking at the percentages in our dashboard.

@UlrikeHeiss @pabloitse @almaember @butcher

@JohanEmpa @kev @UlrikeHeiss @pabloitse @butcher Yup that line broke through the roof. Not even just yours, mine too.

@kev thanks to you and the team for all of the hard work. I'm searching for ways to support. Hold me to it with more updates like this! Hopefully i can loosen the belt in a few months...

@kev thanks for the update, and thanks for all you guys do to keep Fosstodon afloat! It's a special community and I'm thankful I found it.

@kev Great work! Thank you for everything you and the @fosstodon team do.

@kev Great write up and a service to the community that you have done so with such transparency.

@kev thanks to the whole team for keeping things up and running!

@kev One thing I'm wondering about Mastodon, as a distributed service, is how brittle it will be.

If the instance you've joined goes tits up, you've lost your presence. IE: Myspace may be "dead", but it's still technically online.

I imagine you can export your Mastodon data, but I don't know what the costs of migrating to a new instance are on a practical or technical level.

Maybe the Wikimedia model works, but if it's distributed across hundreds of nodes, is it less individually robust?

@kev Also, thanks for getting me in! I was confused when I didn't get an email right away, spoiled by a more typical big business quick response.

It would be nice if the Fosstodon/Mastodon on-boarding process made it clearer what to expect . . . although I supposed 20 users/day gets a much quicker response than 1/minute. ;)

@SaintPeter it does. We’re usually pretty quick at letting people in. But we like to think it’s worth the wait anyway. 😊

We decided a while back force the approval process as we were getting so many spam accounts and we didn’t have the resources to keep up. This is a good compromise.

@kev totally appreciate the need for moderation.

The (I'm presuming stock) sign up process was not super clear about what to expect. If that something that can be easily customized to explain that there will be some (greater than automatic) delay before a confirmation email is sent?

@SaintPeter honestly, no. There’s nothing in the admin portal to customise that messaging really. There’s a lot of work to be done on the backend of masto IMO.

@kev haha, maybe my next open source contribution...

Good to know, though.

@SaintPeter you can migrate pretty much all your data to other instances, then redirect your old account. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good.

If an instance goes down without warning though, yeah its members are up shit creek.

We’d never do that though -

@kev it is great that you've thought about this enough to have a plan for it.

It's such a big change to me to go from "giant, faceless mega-corp who will never go away" to "run by a guy who answers your toots personally".

I kinda love it, even if it's slightly less bullet proof. ♥️

@kev I guess many of us have some kind of server, even if it is just a rasPi. Is this somehow useful? I'd be more than happy to support fosstodon with my Pi(s).

@mike @kev I have never actually said it so, thank you both for this marvelous work, I have discovered an amazing number of things I wouldn't have found otherwise. I truly believe FOSS grows faster because of this platform, and it's all on you.

@Santral the best way to support us is by spreading the word and if you can afford it, some coffers in the too jar.

We will never expect anyone to post their hard earned cash over though.

@kev too bad fostodon is nothing more than a shouting board with no actual community.

@10leej That's not been my experience, but you're entitled to your opinion, I suppose.

@me Well really I spent a few weeks on there and only really monitored the local feed, very people actually interacted with each other from what I've seen.

But I also sit in these smaller communities too, so it kind brings itself around.

@10leej @me I'm very new to mastodon but based on my experience with a similar federated instance model with there are two ways for local instances to be productive like this. One of which is what you seem to be going for which is having an actual community of people that chat and connect to each other even on the local stream. The other thing. and it's going to be a lot more common, is that if you can find a server that has people with similar interests on it you will get kind of cross pollination of of all of the different things that those people are following as a sort of crowdsourced recommendation engine instead of it being entirely on you to search for interesting accounts to follow.

@kevingranade @me I'm mostly comparing it to the smaller communities of distrotoot and now starnix.

@10leej lol I think many of our members would disagree with you there. But, lucky for you you’re not on Fosstodon. 👍

@kev I have an account there I spun up after distrotoot shut down.

First of all great job!
A question though: is there no automatic scaling possible?

@loveisgrief not really. I suppose we could say to Hugo, “feel free to upgrade us to x amount if/when needed” but we’ve never actually discussed that as a team. Great question, thanks.

@kev Looking at the website, @mastohost and it looks like they run on #OVH probably with Kubernetes.

OVH has cluster autoscaling, which should allow this to happen without any human intervention whatsoever

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