Been thinking about a switch from recently, but I don't know if there's a good alternative out there?

@lenzj @kev Ungoogled Chromium doesn't support extensions?

@fatboy @lenzj even if it did support extensions, that's WAY too close to Google for my liking.

@kev LibreWolf than. It’s Ungoogled Chromium but for Firefox instead.

@fatboy It does, extension store isn’t integrated however. If I remember correctly you need to use a tool to extract extensions from the web store, I don’t know if it’s different now though.

@kev I have the same quandry - it's been kind of sad watching Firefox's fall from grace after its meteoric rise in the mid-00s as the only real IE6 alternative. I like the signal sustainers idea and I'd Happily donate £30/year to mozilla if they sort their shit out (I don't want it to just end up bolstering their CEO's annual bonus). I guess part of the problem is that the barrier to entry for new competing browsers is IMMENSE (

@jamesravey that's an interesting read. I didn't realise the W3 spec was quite so large. That's crazy.

@kev With the full migration to Manifest V3 next year, which basically breaks adblockers, Chromium-based browsers will become a no-go for me. I'm curious if/how this will affect the Firefox market share.

@darekkay that's interesting - I've not heard of this. Do you have any links that explain it?

@kev I switched from Chrome to Vivaldi a little while ago. Based on Chromium (boo, hiss) but it is what resonated best with me among the browser crowd. I would 100% be using vivaldi if it were open-source. Its a really good browser, and the only modern one I've used that lets me modify the keyboard shortcuts

@amber Coming from Chrome I obviously am not too bothered about the closedness of the sources. Afaik only the UI is really closed, and since it's a HTML/CSS/JS affair, obfuscated is a better description. But I get it is a showstopper for some. Might I ask what you do use as a browser? @kev I'm using librewolf right now. I also use chromium for school, and firefox for things that break on librewolf.

@kev With Firefox doing incredibly daft things, I too have been looking for browser alternatives for some time. I've been experimenting with since November. It's going pretty well.

Let me know if you're truly interested.

@gray yes! I really, REALLY am! Do you have an invite per chance?

@kev will send the link in about an hour :)

@kev @gray IDK. I've been skimming through the "How does Orion protect me against fingerpriting?", section of the FAQ. Is it just me or is that 90% garbage buzzwords?

Does it block javascript by default? Does it refuse to render CSS?

@david @kev by default, no. But you can change that in the settings and then only allow it to load on a whitelist of your choosing, or not at all.

Not sure about the CSS, I’d have to check and my machine is off now.

It’s incredibly customisable in what you want it to do. You can set custom agent strings per site.

I’ll take some screenshots over the weekend. Although, knowing Kev, there will be a post worth reading soon!

@gray @kev I came here to recommend Orion as well. It’s been my main driver for the past several months and I really like it :)

The Kagi search engine is great too!

@reykjalin @kev I’ve not tried the search engine yet. I’ve been quite happy with Qwant for quite some time. Although I’m keeping an eye on @Mojeek too!

@gray @reykjalin @Mojeek coke onnnnnn can one of you fire me an invite please? 😊

@reykjalin @gray never mind, Gray already sent me one. Thanks, man!

@kev glad you got an invite already! I don't have the ability to send one :blobcatgrimacing:

I thought everyone had to sign up for the beta program. I think they usually send out invites every 1-2 weeks 🤔


@gray I filled out the form! I am definitely interested - thank you. @kev

@gray you mention on a Toot that you had some Orion browser codes. I wonder if you might have any going spare. No worries if not, but I thought that I'd ask. Thank you!

> "Vivaldi is also out because it’s just got WAY too much going on in the UI."

Funny, I consider that a feature compared to all the other oversimplified browsers. 😄

The state of the web has been really sad for years. I think Vivaldi is doing the best as far as user-focused features and customization, but the tradeoff is it's Chrome-based and proprietary.

The way the web feature-creep keeps moving steadily onward, I don't think the browser situation will ever get better. 😔

@AstralPegasus98 I don't want my browser to be an RSS reader, or a mail client, or a different colour depending on what site I'm visiting. I just want a simple interface that allows me to view the web.

I can see the attraction of Vivaldi if one wants to really customise their web experience (just like KDE), but it's not for me. I just want sane defaults and be able to move on.

@kev There aren't any *good* alternatives. There are acceptable ones.

Safari is acceptable, for now. Edge is acceptable, for now. Ungoogled Chromium is okay.

The browser ecosystem sucks.

@kev @nathand I like Vivaldi. But would love a good open source browser.

For me, edge isn't acceptable at all. There is a German blogger, @kuketzblog who made a series about browsers and what they send to their companies. Edge sends every URL to Microsoft.

@Mawoka @kuketzblog @kev 🤷‍♂️ I don’t care? Not like they’re not going to find out where I go with the millions of other data points they collect on every site hit.

@kev I find Abrowse to be the sanest fork, but it can be a bit hard to get in some distros. Librewolf is too extreme and others are basically the same.
Waterfox is a no no too

@kev OK the thing is pretty hard to find, its a fork done by Trisquel (An FSF approved distro) and I think there is no Mac version, sorry. You can still make Librewolf good too I guess

@kev Well, I'd say that is the best alternative out there, but why would you take my word for it.

Oh, Laptop Magazine has come out and said the same thing. Among others.

It's a fact. Vivaldi rocks.

@mike @kev Vivaldi is pretty cool. On mobile and desktop.

@kev Please write a post if you found something that works. I'm also more or less actively searching and have quite similar needs (besides the OS).

@kev I'm using mostly Safari, but Waterfox has been a great Firefox alternative. Same gecko engine, and uses Firefox sync, but that's about it.

Vivaldi is pretty good too. Chromium engine but doesn't look Googly

@kev I'm sorry, I shoulda read your post before responding. I still stand by Waterfox, but you can skip the Vivaldi rec. 😃

@kev Ungoogled Chromium or LibreWolf, the former being Chromium-based and the later being a fork of Firefox.

I have used Ungoogled Chromium and I was very pleased with it. Chromium is to this day faster than Blink (sadly). Some time ago, updating it with Homebrew would cause my cookies to be deleted, so I switched to LibreWolf in the meantime.

Both are open-source, lightweight, and protect your data!

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