Something a bit different from me this time. After a recent conversation with @garritfra about solving a Rubik’s Cube, here’s a guide on how I do it.

This even features videos this time around…only of my hands and voice though! 😂

@kev this is great! Getting to a point where I don't need a tutorial anymore. Some of your tips were incredibly helpful!

@kev @garritfra I used to remember how to solve it but forgot the algos for the last layer. Finally I can complete this thing has been laying around for years all thanks to you :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

@kev me, a speedcuber who has practiced various speed solving methods and algorithms to shave off a couple of seconds from my still relatively slow average of 17: *still reads kev's tutorial because its made by him and its therefore cool*

@joel you’re too kind! Now you need to write something on progressing from slow cuber to speed cuber! 😁

@kev I will probably do a "how to solve the rubik's cube fast with the begginner's method" kinda thing. Many simple tricks that can be applied can get you to sub35 with enough effort

@kev wow this is like next level!! video tutorials and everything lol

@pyre35 lol. I was going to just write the instructions with diagrams, but I quickly realised that this really needed a video to explain it properly. Probably a first and last 😂

@kev @garritfra Looks very similar to the method I'm using. I've occasionally tried looking at F2L tutorials, but can't find one that makes any sense to me... I think if I could understand that technique, maybe I'd save a little time just by dealing with any (luckily) conveniently oriented pairs - and falling back to the beginners method for the rest because I don't have the inclination to learn any complicated algorithms! 😂

@mootParadox @garritfra honestly, I haven’t even bothered researching any other algorithms. This works, and I enjoy the process of easily solving it. I’m not interested in times, I just fiddle with it.

I bought a 4x4 recently, but haven’t got around to learning that yet.

@kev @garritfra Must admit that I lost interest in the 4x4 as soon as I discovered edge parity! 🤣

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