Quite a few people have completed this year, @wilw being the latest.

Anyone fancy giving it a go as we head into 2022?

@kev I unfortunately didn't make it to 100 posts but I will take on the challenge again for 2022.

I'm an 83 and still have a few days to finish it :)

Will probably go for a 3rd round ... I'm sure @zerok will join too

@kev @wilw I have till mid January, and I think I'm on track :)

@kev Should I commit first or I can post 100 posts throughout the year and get into the list?

@aelnor it would be nice to do it as part of the challenge, so commit first.


I still have to complete the 2020 one... 🤦🏻‍♂️

@kev If anything goes..hmmm! a challenge for sure, regardless..

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