I just checked, I own 29 domain names. What the fuck?!

What’s your number?

@kev Jesus christ I feel better about my sixish now

@kev I don’t believe it. How much are you paying? 😵‍💫

I own “just” 6 (and I thought it was a lot)

@tommi they’re anywhere from £6 to £30 per year. Most are on the lower end of that scale though.

@kev Around 10 I think? 29 is pretty impressive lol

@uglyduck at one point i had like 50 🤦‍♂️ I’ve let lots of them expire.

@kev 23, but that number will drop over the next year as they expire.

@ndanes @kev 3 in use. 2 to be dumped on renewal. 1 in reserve. Something like that?

@ndanes dammit, Nicholas, why do you have to be so sensible and make me look like an idiot?? 😂

@kev So far, 3.
My personal for mail, blog, and other things.
My pro.
One old website I just kept online.

@kev when I found your post just 1, but before I responded I registered another 1. Its one for my new Linux project @PyreneeLinux 😎👍

@jle i knew i could count on you, Jan-Lukas! 😂😂

@kev I will let one expire this year, so then it's only 17 anymore 😅

@kev I have only 3 🤷‍♀️😅 But I have over 10 subdomains.

@kev Damg I only have 4 domains. What on earth do you use that many for?

@adamsdesk that’s the thing, i don’t use them. I register them on a whim most of the time. A fair few of them are variations on my name too. Basically, I’m an idiot.

@kev Oh well it sounds to me you've reached the first step of admitting the addiction 😀.

@kev 15 for me. How do you manage emails on these 29 domains?

@simplelogin I don't use most of them. I only have a couple of domains I use for email.

@kev Good question. I had to count them. Now I know that there are 25...

@kev I've only got six. One of which was an accidental purchase when I thought I was renewing a different domain.

@kev 2. Used to have three, but I wasn't using it, really.

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