@kev indeed, but just like adding ports to their laptops, its something they should have done from the start...

@kev Now we need to hope that a repair doesn't cost 2/3 of a new device 😄

@kev it’s a huge deal. I’m very curious to see what parts pricing looks like, though. And whether the existence of the program will influence design decisions.

is it? I swear. people love the master when he only beats them two times rather that 10. they can’t beat the right to repair legislation and the lawsuits, so their solution is to monopolize the emerging repair market by making you do it in their space, with their tools, so they can limit independent business.

@atyh i don’t think that’s what is happening here. The independent repair businesses are thriving now even without Apple parts.

By Apple doing this, repair businesses could potentially offer genuine repairs (at a premium of course to cover additional costs) but this is definitely progress.

@kev probably it will be cheaper to repair at apple than buy the manuals, tools and spares 😀

@Coneng I wonder if it's illegal if you don't offer this now?

@kev Yea, I'm not super surprised. Apple has a history where they take away ports and charge you for the adapter you need because they took away the port. All they're doing here is saying that customers will have ACCESS to tools and parts. No word on how much those tools and parts are going to cost the consumer (and believe me, it's Apple so it WILL cost). Also, there's no mention of what self repair will do to the warranty. I'm assuming it's null and void after a self repair.

@mike well i should assume that if the warranty is in place, folk would get the repair done under that instead of paying.

It’s undoubtedly going to be expensive, but it’s progress nonetheless.

@kev Depends. Apple is probably still going to jump to "replacement" before "repair" as it exposes them to less liability. When Apple wants "replace" and the individual wants "repair", there's potential for overlap. This happened to me and my wife when we owned iPhones. My wife's phone just turned off and never turned back on. We took it to the "Genius" bar, and they replaced the phone, but we lost weeks of pictures of our infant son. "Repair" wasn't an option, but I would have preferred it.

@mike yeah, maybe you’re right…we will have to see. 🤷‍♂️

@kev @mike

Louis Rossmann reminds us that the scope of the program is important. Is it just batteries and screens? How granular will components be available (e.g., whole top lid vs. being able to replace just the screen).

The onus is on Apple to prove that they care about right to repair.

@monkey1 I think it would be great for customers if Apple is serious about this, but I have very little faith that they are committed. Honestly, I think it's just a bunch of hand waving to hold off regulators. If anything useful actually comes of this, I'll be shocked.


@mike @kev First thing you should install on any phone is Google Photos and setup auto backup. You'll never lose a photo again.

@danielfgom @mike yep. You’ll just lose all your privacy ro Google instead. 😂

@kev @mike True but no large tech company offers true privacy. Google, Apple, Amazon are all the same. They all collect the same data on you. But there aren't many private services offering the same level of service. Sadly.

@danielfgom @mike I’d rather go without. My self hosted Synology syncs everything I need without adding Google juice.

@danielfgom Well, our personal experience predates Google Photos, otherwise not horrible advice. We actually auto-backup to our Synology now.


@mike @kev Oh bummer. No way around that then. Ironically Apple probably thought they were doing you a favour by replacing the phone...

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