@kev I’m considering an M1 or M1 Pro for my next MacBook. The only thing holding me from the M1 is the support for only one external screen when I have two on my desktop. But I objectively don’t need all the power of M1 Pro for my personal use.

Maybe the next gen will not suffer from this limitation, who knows 🙃

@Crocmagnon i use my M1 Air with 2 screens all the time. Just needs a DisplayLink dock. But yeah, out the box only one screen is supported.

@kev oh, i didn’t know some hardware could fix this. Unfortunately I already have a couple of these [1] at home and at the office, and they were expensive enough to make me not want spend any more on docks that I have to 😅

[1]: caldigit.com/fr/ts3-plus-fr/


@Crocmagnon urgh, that’s a shame. To my knowledge a DisplayLink Dick is the only way around the limitations.

@kev haha I’ll assume you meant dock 🙃😂🤣

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