All polished up and ready for tomorrow. They wouldn’t pass a Sergeant Major’s inspection, but they will do. 😊

@joeligj12 here in the UK, we celebrate Remembrance Day on the Sunday closest to Armistice Day (Veteran’s Day) - 11th Nov.

@kev what are they for, if you don't mind little explaining for ppl like myself who can't read medal.

@efftoyz left is Iraq, middle is Afghanistan, right is also Afghanistan, but awarded by NATO.

@kev Very regal and noble. Thanks for your service and efforts.

Thanks for your service to our US ally. Impressive that you still have them. I've lost all mine over the years. I had a few impressive ones considering the short term of my active duty career. I also had boxes of plaques for many non-medal awards. I got tired of keeping up with all of it, I guess.

I was never quite sure whether the NATO medal should be polished or not.

@kev The UK? I was going to say, I didn't recognize any of them, apart from the NATO one.

@kev not good enough cadet! I expect those medals to blind me by the time I get back! Lol have fun my friend

@kev how are these given to you? Do you receive them by the post 6 months after you served or was there some kind of ceremony?

@tomdeb there’s a ceremony when the unit returns. They’re usually held in or around the town hall of the local city centre, followed by a march through the city/town.

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