It’s Sunday, so that can only mean one thing…fish tank day! (this is tank 1 of 3 🤦‍♂️)

@kev nice! Is it safe to keep the top open like that?

@armen we have a cover for it ( black thing you see to the side - it’s a net), it’s just off when we’re cleaning. These big goldfish are too big to junk out anyway.

@kev you have my sympathy. I used to have a fairly sizeable tank but the care and cleaning became too much. can't image 3! Still, there is something meditative about watching fish.

@mab there really is! The second photo is the one in my study. I love sitting watching them while I’m working.

@kev Missing having a tank, was a childhood hobby, and my kids had a tank for a while. 3 tanks, that's a lot of maintenance :D But there's just something soothing about doing it, hard to describe. I think a lot of people who buy tanks, thinks it's a "set and forget" kinda thing.


You don't even use it to watercool your servers ?
Shouldn't you hand back your geek card ?

@Iutech LOL we actually pump it out to a water butt in the garden for our plants. Fish water is THE BEST for making plants grow.

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